SEAL Team Six: When War Crimes Become Standard Operating Procedure

In 2014 I wrote a novel called Direct Action about rogue SEAL Team Six operators.  The plot of the novel was a work of fiction, but within it I laid out a number of themes, anecdotes, and bits of information which were truthful.  Most of my novels are written to be fun reads for a audience that appreciates military fiction, and hopefully educates a little bit along the way.  Direct Action was different in that I wrote that particular book in order to speak to the choir.

It had been my hope that people within the Special Operations command structure would take notice, and realize that some things were leaking out even if it was disguised inside a work of fiction.  With luck, maybe someone would have taken action and begun to clean things up before the situation got even further out of hand.  In retrospect, I was naive.  These commands had already taken numerous steps to systematically cover up war crimes committed by SEAL Team Six.

I suppose it was inevitable.  The truth behind the matter has begun to emerge.  Over the last two years the New York Times published a few pieces eluding to a dark under current within the unit.  Yesterday, The Intercept published a story titled “The Crimes of SEAL Team Six” which gives a clear picture of how Dev Group operators carried hatchets onto objectives, disfigured the dead, recorded “bleed out” films, engaged in the practice of splitting skulls open, and much more.

I wish these things were merely a work of creative fiction, but no such luck.  What more motivation the Department of Defense needs to begin reforming this unit I cannot begin to fathom.  There are still darker secrets that have yet to be revealed in the media and it would be far better to take action now rather than drag this scandal out over the next decade as major media outlets publish story after story.


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4 responses to “SEAL Team Six: When War Crimes Become Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Susan Sherman

    I read this article yesterday. For me, it was eye opening. I’ve never been in the military. I’m a woman, wife, RN, mother and grandmother. My husband is a veteran, having served in the Army toward the end of Vietnam. I enjoy reading and enjoy SOFREP for the timely, relevant articles. Although change is usually slow, hopefully articles like this will help shed the light of truth upon the actions of those involved. People should be able to be proud of the contributions they make during their lives. There is nothing to be proud of, according to this article, and that is truly a waste. I enjoyed your books, but now cringe a bit, realizing that fiction is now a bit closer to the truth. Keep up the good work.

  2. Whitey

    I have enjoyed all of your books,jack.
    I turn 60 today and it depresses me to say that I think the world is more fucked up than ever.
    We’re moving armor into poland, the Chinese activities in the south sea, the pudgy nut job in North Korea (can you tell me why his nuclear facility, all in one place, hasn’t been bombed to rubble yet?), the Israelis moving further into the west bank, black lives matter (no shit! But you’re just equal, not special ), wiki leaks, the rise of the PMC’S, (sir john hawkwood is smiling in the afterlife ) and now you tell me, and I do believe you, that there is rot in america’s version of the jedi knights.
    It’s not good.
    15 years of fighting amoral, psychotic, medieval, twisted third world shit bags and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.
    And saddened.
    Because some of the finest men in America are being broken down, frustrated and just plain pissed off out of their minds, literally.
    Bring all these guys home and let them live as americans again for a while so they can remember who they are.
    There is nothing in the middle east worth that cost.
    Thank you for your time in the saddle.
    I am glad you have moved on and are making something good of your life.

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