The time has come…for a new author website

2017 is almost here and and I’ve decided that it is time for this website to get a make over done by an actual professional.  I threw this blog together myself back around 2010 after I got out of the Army while I was still writing my first novel, Reflexive Fire.  A lot has happened between then and now and this humble blog needs to be revamped in a bad way.

The new website should obviously be a better representation of myself and my work (yes, it’s my website so I won’t pretend that this isn’t partly a excercise in self indulgence) but I wanted to ask the readers out there if they have any special requests for features on the new site.  I’m sure there will be a blog, that I will try to write for monthly, some special features, freebies, etc.  What do you want to see on the site?  What do you like on the current site?  What should I get rid of forever?

In the meantime, please go take a look at the Facebook group I created for fans of the Deckard series where you can find some exclusive excerpts from the current novel in progress called Persona Non Grata.


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2 responses to “The time has come…for a new author website

  1. Steven

    Hi Jack,

    I like the content on this site, and I think a store section would be nice if it’s practical and you plan on more Samruk merchandise. I think a gallery of user and author photos/etc. related to Samruk (i.e. patch sightings, gear, etc) would be a great addition, but it appears to work fine on the Facebook group.

    I think maybe some guest written content that is vetted might also be neat, where it’s relevant to your work and writing. For example, I liked your previous writing on gene-doping and its appearance in GMS and it would be interesting to get some intelligent discussion on it from a variety of sources from military, medicine, academia, etc.

    I hope this helps!

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