Jack Murphy Guest Starring in New Mack Bolan Novel, “State of War”

Huge news! The latest Mack Bolan novel is out. It is called “State of War” and written by Chuck Rogers. For those who don’t know, Mack Bolan is only the baddest, and longest running, action hero going. This book is special because one character is a ex-Ranger, ex-Special Forces veteran named…JACK MURPHY! That’s right, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Mack Bolan in some crazy suicide mission to Guatemala! I flipped through it and I’m shamming on guard duty and pulling off Saving Private Ryan type shit. Of course Chuck had to change my last name a little so that he didn’t get sued…and to try to contain how AWESOME I am! Thanks Chuck for finally letting me live out my childhood dream of running ops with Mack Bolan!


Buy it on Amazon today!


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6 responses to “Jack Murphy Guest Starring in New Mack Bolan Novel, “State of War”

  1. John


  2. Robert Chevrette

    Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy.

    Just curious,…what’s the character name in the book?

    And…can your awesomeness truly be contained!?!



    • I think it is Jack Murphee

      • Robert Chevrette


        Yeah, he really disguised the hell out of your name with that one!

        Did you have any input,…such as does the character description match your actual stats,…or did Chuck Rogers just tell you “I’m going to use your name for a character” and take it from there?


      • Nope, Chuck was on his own to convey my manly visage to the reader.

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