Target Deck: Status Update

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about when the novel is coming out so I thought I would bring everyone up to speed…   First off, thank you for your interest in the book and your patience with me in releasing it!  I started writing Target Deck over the summer.  I had the plot in my head and worked furiously to complete the draft before the school year began.  Then I spent the next six months editing, revising, re-writing, working with the cover artist, having people proof read it, more editing, you get the idea.  All the while working on numerous projects for SOFREP, having a family, and being a full time student means I end up doing a juggling act.  However, I wanted to do this novel the right way and not put out a half assed product so it was worth taking the extra time on these things.

Below is the finalized version of the cover for Target Deck:


Marc Lee also did an amazing wrap around cover for the paperback edition so I’m really looking forward to that!  As of about thirty minutes ago I submitted the final cover for the paperback edition to CreateSpace so it will take them a day or two to review it and get back to me.  If everything is good to go, I then order a proof copy to review and bless off on.  Then the book goes live.  The Kindle Edition is just waiting for me to pull the trigger but I want to release the paperback and Kindle version in tandem.  What does all this mean?  Target Deck will probably be released the first week of January.  I will keep you up to speed and readers of this blog and my facebook feed will be the first to know when the book comes out.

Also, the title for book three will be “Direct Action” and will be the most dangerous mission of Deckard’s career.  More to follow on that.

*Update* Text files and cover files got the green light and I just ordered the proof copy.  Unless something is really wrong, we should be cleared hot for a January 1st publication date.


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20 responses to “Target Deck: Status Update

  1. I see a landmark book in the self published genre on this one man.

  2. Ben S.

    Is that a Spartan blade in Deckard’s hand?

  3. Really looking forward to this one, brother.

  4. Robert Chevrette

    As soon as it’s ready to ship, I’ll be placing my order!

  5. John

    U r killing us with these teasers…..sadist

  6. Abe austin

    I feel like I did when I was 10 running covert ops to breach a Christmas present before Christmas without anyone knowing…I really can’t wait for Target Deck! Driving me crazy waiting

    • Thanks for your patience Abe, I hope the book was worth the wait.

      • Abe Austin

        I know it will be worth it! You are a great talent and writing military fiction as it should be…I will send a few of the Kindle e-book copies as gifts to buddies as soon as its released! Take care Jack and have a wonderful Christmas and New Years Holiday!

      • You too buddy, let me know if I can send any signed copies. I’ll will figure out the logistics of that as we get closer to publication.

      • Abe Austin

        I will get back with you on the signed copies. I am definitely interested in doing that! I decided to re-read Reflexive Fire last night so I could roll right into Target Deck…You write such vividly detailed combat scenes that are absolutely thrilling to read…I was wondering if it might be possible for you to include maps of the combat actions in each book so us readers could really follow along in depth with Deckard and team…Even if it was just a drawing layout of the objective, etc…would really help to visualize their movements along with your detailed writing. You could upload on the blog.
        Just a thought….By the way, the synopsis of Target Deck really sounds good. With the chaos south of our border, and the jihadists willingness to work with anyone to accomplish their goals, its really is a plausible possibility…My greatest fear isn’t necessarily WMD’s whether nuclear or biological, but rather sleeper cells going rampant with just basic weaponry…Imagine a van pulling into a Walmart parking lot and several jihadists jumping out and mowing down innocent civilians….Imagine if they hit several targets in one day…This would have extremem emotional impact on Americans…I remember when the sniper was trolling around DC/Maryland and how people didnt know if they would get shot pumping gas, or mowing their grass…I guess it is a plausible fear we can relate to rather than a WMD being set off inside the USA…Well sorry to write so much…Just getting some thoughts out there…Take Care

      • Target Deck will take it one step forward and examine the possibility of made to order terror designed to sow chaos and set the conditions for larger military and political actions. You never know how readers will respond but if they are still with me by now then I think they can handle it.

        As far as maps, schemes of maneuver, ect, I think it is a good idea. I can probably post some maps on my blog under fair use but I don’t think I can strip stuff from google earth and put it in the book. I have some stuff I used to plan out the larger actions in the book so I will look into this, good suggestion!

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