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Pre-Deployment Training at Gryphon Group

Here are a few pictures from Gryphon Group, one of the vender training courses we went to before deployment.  The emphasis at this course was mobility training so we spent a lot of time driving through obstacle courses, driving and shooting, react to contact drills, learning PIT maneuvers, and more.

One this range we did some pistol drills before training to shoot targets while seated inside vehicles.  Next up was driving around the range (slowly) while firing from the vehicle.  This time you are the moving target shooting at a stationary target.

Here you can see a couple of our guys shooting through the windshield.  We practiced shooting through various types of glass you would find in a vehicle, mostly as a demonstration to show you the effect it would have on external ballistics.  At pistol range it didn’t.

We had a pretty good time down at Gryphon Group but I’m still trying to figure out why our unit made it mandatory that we qualify on the X26 Taser and OC spray while we were at the course.  And, yes, getting qualified means being tazed and getting hosed in the face with pepper spray.


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