The Direct Action Soundtrack

I just wanted to pass one some of the music I was listening to as I wrote Direct Action.  I actually had a big break during the writing of the book as summer ended and the fall semester started up at school.  I ended up jamming out the rest of the book during Christmas vacation.  The THYX album actually really helped kick start the book.

Apoptygma Berzerk, Unicorn

Edge of Dawn, Beyond the Gate

And One, Military Fashion Show

And One, Body Company

THYX, Below The City

Stochastic Theory, What You Weren’t (Echos Virus Mix)

Conjure One, Like Ice

Korpiklaani, Rauta

Somewhat Damaged, NIN

Came Back Haunted, NIN


Filed under Action Adventure, Military Fiction

6 responses to “The Direct Action Soundtrack

  1. Jeez, didn’t even know your new book was out!

  2. Brad

    You have the exact same musical tastes as my wife. Bloody goths!

  3. Scott Eldridge

    Awesome damn music

  4. BigB

    Good stuff, but I never would have guessed. I just wouldn’t have. Not in a million years. I was guessing more death metal and fast flowing rap.

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