A Female CST and Special Forces Enabler Speaks Out

I’ve been very open about the fact that I do not support having women in Infantry and Special Operations roles but that hasn’t stopped people to projecting and assuming various things after reading this interview I recently conducted with a female Special Forces enabler.  Actually, I might be giving them to much credit by saying they read it.  I think they are just looking at the pictures and than ranting based on their preconceived belief system rather than reading what is actually said in the interview.  I knew this was going to be a hot topic, but had no idea that I would have to put out some fires in some strange quarters over it.  I could have written 100 pieces about combat reform and they wouldn’t get a fraction of the interest that any article about women in combat gets!

What type of patrols did you go out on and what was your duty position and responsibilities?

We went out on both mounted and dismounted patrols. We conducted clearings some of which were conducted in the local villages. During missions, I was part of the security element and when engaged, fought side-by-side with the team.

After proving myself to be a capable soldier, I was viewed as such, which meant I was not seen as a female that needed to be protected (I was not a distraction on the battlefield). Additionally, as a CST, my partner and I conducted female engagements.


What is it like going out on patrol as a female soldier with Infantry and Special Forces soldiers who are exclusively male? Does it make a difference or is it just a part of the job?

Going out on patrols with the guys was awesome! I would rather work with a bunch of “Type-A” males then a bunch of females any day! It’s pretty easy to get along with these types of guys, you just have to know how to roll with shit and make sure you’ve got thick skin, very thick skin. Now I’m not saying it’s all puppies and sunshine, to the contrary, you better bring it and if you suck at life, you’re screwed, I’ve seen it!
Read the rest of the interview at SOFREP!

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