Reflexive Fire Desktop Wallpaper

This was an experiment as I was tooling around to figure out how I want to do the text for the cover of the book.  I don’t know if I will use this or not but it looks pretty cool as a desktop background.  At the moment the kindle version of the book is done and the word file for the paperback is 99.9% done.  Once the cover comes in I will be hammering both formats out ASAP.


Filed under Military Fiction, News, Writing

2 responses to “Reflexive Fire Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Now that looks friggin’ badass. Time to hit up and get yourself some t-shirts made…

  2. I found some contractors in Iraq who run a side business doing t-shirts, posters, logos, and that sort of thing. I’m thinking I might have them design some t-shirts down the line. In the mean time I will check out and see how that works. Thanks.

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