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Exciting job opportunity for SOF veterans

JOB OPPORTUNITY: I’m cleared hot to make 2-4 new hires as the managing editor of SOFREP.com. I need SOF veterans who can write and will be able to commit to 10 posts a month after a trail period. My ideal candidates for this job are in order of priority, an AFSOC vet (PJ, CCT, JTAC), a former 160th SOAR pilot, a former MARSOC Marine, and an Allied SOF veteran (SAS, SASR, KSK, Folgore, Commandos, ect…). I would also be interested in bringing on one additional US Special Forces veteran. Priority goes to those who are willing to write under their real name and publish their military credentials. This adds validity, accountability, and journalistic credibility. I will need a DD214 and sample of your writing. Extra points for those with a strong background in academic research and/or journalism.  This is a paid position of course and the writers who really bring the heat will definitely be looked at for a raise in pay.  Check out SOFREP.com to see the type of content we publish.

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