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The Villians of Reflexive Fire

The three villains in my novel are puppet masters manipulating global events. Far from fiction, they are based on real people.  I won’t say who but I think smart readers can readily determine their identity for themselves.  All three are eugenicists, that is to say they believe that anyone who is not of their social class is inferior and needs to be wiped out.  Eugenicists often talk about other human beings in terms of animal husbandry and write about “culling the herd”.  Does this sound familiar to you?  It should, the American and British Eugenics movement directly influenced Nazi Germany.  The history of the Eugenics movement is well documented in the book, “War Against the Weak,” by Edwin Black but one of the failings of this work is that it does not adequately trace the Eugenics belief system into our present day, much less point the finger at those who still promote this ideology.

In the below videos you will see a one hour presentation given by Dr. Webster Tarpley who walks us through the ideas, history, and belief system of modern eugenics, specifically those ideas promoted by Dr. Eric P. Holdren, the current White House “science czar”.  Yes, I know, Alex Jones the famous “conspiracy theorist” produced these videos.  Please give them an hour of your time, Tarpley is a historian with a long track record.  I’ve read his book “Against Oligarchy” about Venetian banking cartels and find his work to be high quality.



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