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Mainstream press silent about stealth helicopter?

Strange article from AOL.

It goes in depth into some of the technical aspects of Blackhawk helicopters and even some of the politics surrounding it.  One interesting bit is why the helicopter may have crashed during the Bin Laden raid.  Although not stated in the article, what the author is talking about is called “ground effects”, meaning that a helicopter’s lift capability is effected by what type of terrain it is flying over, with other factors involved as well.

Artists rendering of what the stealth MH-60 may have looked like

Ground effects are one of the big reasons why there has been so much trouble with the V-22 Osprey.  Think about how crazy that gets when you have to main rotors, each hovering over a different type of terrain in some cases.

What is more interesting about the AOL article is what it neglects to mention.  Although the analysis is somewhat in depth for a ultra-mainstream AOL article, it makes no reference at all to the fact that the helicopter in question belonged to an ultra-classified stealth aviation project and/or unit.


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