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Sniper Training with .300 WINMAG

Sighting in from a roof top mock up at the range.  As the sun continued to set we could watch the sun reflect off the .300 WinMag bullets as they arced along their trajectory with the naked eye.  It looked like watching a tracer round but was just the setting sun reflecting off the copper jacket of the round.

Sniper/spotter at a unknown distance range.  Note the Viper laser range finder in the foreground, a very useful piece of kit with a variety of functions beyond range finding.


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Sniper Training (2005)

Another picture from the training exercise in ’05.  I’m on the right hand side standing next to a buddy prior to a training mission.  We are both carrying the .300 winmag sniper rifle fitted with a Universal Night Sight (UNS) for night vision capability.  For gear nerds like me, I am wearing a chest rig with two magazine pouches for when shooting the SR-25.  The longer tan pouch is a sniper wallet that folds out and carries individual 7.62 LR bullets.  At that moment I wasn’t carrying any ammo because we didn’t have .300 winmag blanks to shoot on a training objective, in fact I don’t think they exist.  The silver snap link you see on my chest rig is to snap the sling of the rifle into while in a helicopter.  This way if the rifle gets torn out of your hands or something your $7,000 rifle and $1000 high power scope and $3000 night sight don’t go pinwheeling through the night and get lost in a swamp somewhere below.

Take it from someone who has been balls deep in freezing water looking for a machine gun some private lost during a parachute jump in January.  Please use your snap link.

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Chapter Six uploaded

Offering his hand Kurt helped the next Kazakh up the slope preventing him from sliding back down. Grabbing him by the belt the German’s bicep flared as he lifted and flung him onto the embankment. The Kazakh stood up dusting himself off when the hand of god seemed to swat the mercenary right out of the air, literally tearing him to pieces.

With his face now splattered with his comrade’s blood Kurt rolled out of the way as large caliber rounds tore apart the ground he had occupied a fraction of a second before, churning up a cloud of dust in their wake.

The noise was deafening, the twin barrels chewing apart everything in their line of fire. What had become sporadic PKM bursts now ceased completely, the assault’s momentum now lost.

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Snipers will play an important role in future chapters of “Reflexive Fire” so I thought I would share of few pictures of some Iraqi designated marksmen I worked with.  In the future I’ll get up some pics of my own time spent behind a long gun.

Training with the 7.62x54R SVD rifle.

Group picture out at the range, I’m the one in green.

Update: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local-beat/Sniper-Fire-Oakland-Police-98739644.html

The untrained sniper leverages intimate knowledge of the local terrain for what he lacks in marksmanship and field craft.

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