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Direct Action Release Date (and other good news)

DirectActionPreviewshotNow that I’m in the final stages of finalizing the cover and back cover art, I am announcing the release date for Direct Action.  Look for it on the 21st of February in both paperback and ebook formats.  I can’t know exact pricing for the paperback until the book is constructed, but expect it to be very similar to the previous two books.  Probably $15 for the paperback and $4 for the ebook.

I’m excited about the release and look forward to the response.  Some people are going to be seriously offended by the content of the book and many will want to string me up for it.  But I didn’t write Direct Action for shock value, the book is directly influenced by factual events.  My previous novels were about writing the ultimate action adventure tale but Direct Action is different.  This book is about sending a message to a very particular and specific group of people.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had friends tell me that I would be killed simply for investigating the subjects I wrote about in this book.  There is a lot of money, prestige, power, and legacy tied up in these events, and some people will do anything to cover up criminal activities.

Lets move on to somewhat better news.

Fans have been asking me for Deckard/Samruk International hats, t-shirts, ect for a long time now.  The hats and patches are both on their way.  Here are some preview shots for those interested.

Samrukhat2patch3They will both be offered on this website sometime later this month so stay tuned for that.  Again, I’m excited to finally release Direct Action and get it into reader’s hands.  I think it is my best written, and most important, book to date.  Deckard will return for book #4, but right now I’m going to be focused on finishing up college over the summer and a few other projects I have going on.  For instance, after the release of Direct Action I will be working on the release of a Danish SOF operator’s memoir which I’ve been having translated into English.  I’ve also got some great articles planned for SOFREP.com that I need to get cracking on.


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Samruk International Ballcaps: Coming Soon

Viper Headwear is currently working on some Samruk International ballcaps for us.  These will be fitted caps and unlike the prototype below, they will be in PenCott’s “Green Zone” pattern since I’ve decided that PenCott is going to be the unofficial camo pattern for the fictional Private Military Company featured in my novels.  Look for ordering instructions in about a month.  Also, please keep in mind that this is a prototype.  The final hat won’t have those stiff front panels.



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Virtual Yard Sale



Desert Parka. Brand New.SOLD


Three fatigue shirts, black, tiger stripe, and “chocolate chip” desert camo. Various sizes. $15


Uniforms. Two complete DCU uniforms in Medium Regular. Two other DCU tops, one ACU top, one BDU top. $40


Old school cold weather jacket.  Could use a wash but perfectly useable.SOLD


BDU cap, size 7. Done up for the Q-Course. $5


Safariland pistol magazine pouch. Brand new. $10.


Tactical Tailor hardcase pouch.  Brand new. $20


NBC gear. What you see is what you get. Two pairs of pants, gloves, and boots. $40


North Face hiking pack.  Served me well in Central America and still in perfect working condition. SOLD


Random Army stuff for those who may be interested.SOLD


Walrus bug hut 2. $40


PCU jacket. Nearly new.SOLD

SuarezDaniel Suarez books. $10.

chuckChuck Palahniuk books.SOLD

mangaManga comics. $25.


Max Brooks books.SOLD


Clive Cussler paperbacks.SOLD


Dan Brown books. $4 plus shipping.


Marc Giller cyberpunks novels (very good!). $4 plus shipping.


14 issues of heavy metal magazine with Brom artbook. SOLD


John Ringo sci fi books. $10 plus shipping.


Robert Jordan paperbacks. $7 plus shipping.


Michael Z Williamson books. $10 plus shipping.


Misc. books. $5 plus shipping.


Science books.SOLD


Sci fi books. $10 plus shipping.


Simpsons books. $4 plus shipping.


Thrillers. $10 plus shipping.


Travel guides. $4 plus shipping.


Andrew Vachss books plus Vachss graphic novel. $10 plus shipping.


Shooter PC Games.  Trespasser and Aliens vs. Predator have the strategy guides and Max Payne has the mousepad it came with.  The four games that are kind of washed out in the picture in the lower left are the Orange Box, Half Life Episode 1, Deus Ex: Invisible War, and Stalker.SOLD


RPG/Strategy PC games.  Riven has strategy guide with it.SOLD


Gameboy Advanced with three games. $5 plus shipping.

All items are sold as is.  All sales are final.  Please contact me at reflexivefire@yahoo.com if you are interesting in buying so we can work out the shipping costs.

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Vote for your favorite character in the Deckard series!

Hey folks, I am taking a poll right now.  Who is your favorite character from the Deckard series of novels?  Please go and vote here.

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Researching Target Deck

Today I thought I would share with you guys some of the sources I used when researching the background data I needed when writing Target Deck.  I put a high premium on realism but since these are novels I’m writing what I often do is take elements that are very real and combine them in ways in which I can only speculate may be happening but could never prove.  I’m also guilty of kicking everything up by several orders of magnitude, this is action-adventure we’re talking about here.  However, for those interested in the real life issues that you might encounter in the novel and would like to get the real deal, I can recommend a few places to start looking.

Teenage girls who were arrested while training to become cartel assassins

Teenage girls who were arrested while training to become cartel assassins

Amexica by Ed Vulliamy and El Narco by Ioan Grillo were two books which I found very helpful when trying to penetrate the world of Mexican drug cartels and get some situational awareness not just of how the mechanics of the cartels function but the cultural overlay that exists south of the border around the drug plazas.  Both of these books attempted to do what Roberto Saviano did with not just exposing but understanding the Italian mafia in his brilliant book Gomorrah.  All three of these books include some great investigative journalism and hands on accounts of life inside organized crime.

Borderland Beat provided some great background by publishing fascinating information about the cartel wars that would have otherwise remained obscure if not completely unreported.  For instance, I found some great tidbits about the Office of Bi-National Intelligence, an interview with perhaps my favorite military analyst, Robert Bunker, the cartel’s clandestine communications network, and information about US Special Operations planning to capture/kill a cartel boss.

Narco blog has some interesting information as well after filtering it though a language translator for us gringos.

Daniel Hopsicker is one bad ass mofo as far as I’m concerned.  We need more hardcore journalists like him who are out there dropping some bombs on official collusion between drug cartels and “the authorities” on both sides of the border.  His blog, Madcowprod was invaluable to me as I tried to understand how the criminal underground works as a globalized system of drug smuggling and money laundering.  Click your heels three times and repeat after me, “there are no American drug lords.”

MEK terrorists, supported by the "good guys"

MEK terrorists, supported by the “good guys”

Old school investigative journalist Sy Hersh also came through and helped fit together some puzzle pieces.  His article, “Our Men in Iran” is a must read.  Did you know that the US government has been training an Iranian terrorist group on US soil as a Nevada Department of Energy facility?  When people ask me which parts of my books are fact and which parts are fiction, I simply remind them that the creepy parts are the most realistic.

While writing Target Deck I also cultivated a number of my own sources of information regarding what is going on down in Mexico.  This proved to be invaluable and helped steer me in the right direction.  For instance, I found out that the so-called Fast and Furious scandal is really just a drop in the bucket.  The weapons that ATF allowed to “walk” across the border is nothing compared to the military hardware that the cartels are hijacking in transit as the US government ships them to Mexico under the Merida Initiative.  It’s some heavy shit getting stolen too, AT4 anti-tank rockets, M203 grenade launchers, ect…  We’ve heard nothing about this on the news thus far.

For those looking for a one stop shop and get the inside line on the cartels, I can’t recommend this article from Small Wars Journal enough.  It sums up much of the above information.


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Mailing Out Your Books


Thanks everyone who ordered, the response was pretty overwhelming!  I’ve only got three more Target Deck paperbacks available at this time and then I will have to order another shipment.  On the other hand, I’ve got three boxes filled with Reflexive Fire novels…


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