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Changes to the Q-Course and dispelling a few rumors

HALO School

I get a lot of kids looking to join the Army, as well as active duty soldiers, e-mailing me with their questions about Special Forces.  One of the rumors going around right now is that all Special Forces candidates graduate from HALO School and get an Associates degree as a part of their training.  This didn’t sound quite right to me so I made some phone calls to get to the bottom of the matter.  I got this information straight from the source so we can cut through some of the misconceptions going around.

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Ops-Core and S&S Precision square away HALO/HAHO jumpers with new kit at SHOT

Ops-Core at SHOT

In years past, HALO jumping was done almost administratively.  There was a wind arrow during the day and flares on the Drop Zone at night.  Soldiers generally jumped without combat equipment, regulations sometimes mandating it.  It wasn’t without reason; If you’ve been deployed for half a year, you don’t want your first jump to be in full kit, so a few “Hollywood” jumps will help troops get back into the flow of things.  Still, there were valid criticisms that HALO teams were just skydiving rather than conducting true Military Free Fall operations during training.  The War on Terror has shown that combat HALO jumps are not only possible, but highly practical in today’s unconventional warfare setting.

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