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Deleting the Koran From My Kindle E-Reader

For the record, I like Muslims as a whole.  I think that they have been misrepresented and misunderstood in many ways.  When I was deployed to Iraq I trained and fought with Muslim soldiers, many of whom would have laid down their life for me if it came to that.  However, every religion has a certain group of crazy people…these were the people we were fighting in Iraq.  Sadly, they don’t have much of a sense of humor.


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Koran Burning and the Muslim Inferiority Complex

A guest blog article I did for Wayne over at One Man’s Opinion:

Even the most extreme Jews and Christians will simply shrug their shoulders at the burning of their holy books. Why are Muslim’s so volatile? Remember those silly Danish cartoons that got the Muslim community’s collective panties in a knot a few years ago? What is the big deal, do you really plan on going ape-shit and killing random people every time someone burns a book?

Of course there is no logic behind these events. Some of these crowds are manipulated by mullahs, sheiks, and politicians but it is more than just that. The collective rage against the West by certain segments of the Muslim world seems to be a type of geopolitical penis envy. The Arab world sees that history has passed them by leaving them with nothing to do but watch the rest of us participate on their satellite TVs.

The rest of the article can be read over on Wayne’s blog, so feel free to take a look and add your thoughts.

By the way, the original title was, “Muslim Penis Envy” but Wayne reminded me that an article with the word penis in the headline would be sorted differently by search engines!


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