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Some more pictures from the desert (2009)

Myself and an Iraqi soldier I trained and worked with walking through a remote village.  Carrying a M4 with 10.5 inch barrel, LA-5, EO Tech reflex sight, magpul stock, pentagon tactical flashlight (before they got sued out of business by Surefire), and pmag.

My Soldier of Fortune cover!

Team picture: Two US Special Forces teamed with five Iraqi SWAT members.

Brrrr…I hate the desert in the winter…and the summer…

The lighter side of war.  Visiting a school house in another remote part of Iraq.


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Strange and Interesting weapons in Iraq

This was a nice CZ75 pistol a contractor doing some construction for us had.  I liked it enough that I was going to try and buy or trade something for it until I realized that he wanted to charge me enough that I could just buy myself a brand new one back in the US.

In slide lock.  I’ve also seen some Iraqi security forces carrying new Smith and Wesson automatics…  WTF?  Iraqi soldiers are carrying M16’s…don’t even get me started.

This is a AK rifle grenade that I was looking at in a improvised Iraqi arms room.  It is fired from the barrel of the AK-47 with a blank round that is provided with the grenade.  The pin in the nose is a safety.

This is a Gorjunov WW2 era Soviet machine gun.  It fired the same 7.62x54mm Rimmed ammo as the PKM.  I took this picture before I attempted to disassemble the thing.  Ultimately an Iraqi NCO (pictured below) showed me how it was done.  This particular rifle has been retrofitted with a bizarre flash suppressor (?) for some reason.

Check out this Chimera of a rifle.  It was home made, constructed by the soldier holding it in his home with a mish-mash of weapons components.  It features a AK receiver fitted with a home made M16 style charging handle, a PKM barrel, a improvised wooden stock, a Browning Hi-Power pistol grip, and finally a crappy BB gun scope.  This thing actually fired, I saw it with my own eyes, from a safe distance of course.

Here is another shot of the rifle with it’s owner.  You can tell he is a gear nut as well as being a gun nut.  We had a lot in common.  Note the flash bangs we gave him, the flare gun on his left side, and home made unit insignia on his chest.


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Combat Operations in Iraq (2009)

My second trip to Iraq I was in the same region I had been deployed to in 2005.  In ’05 the entire country was in chaos but by ’09 things were completely different.  The area shown in these pictures was downright deadly the first time I was there, we’d get into firefights every time we went into those neighborhoods.  Four years later we were able to walk around the market just carrying a pistol and BS with the locals.  This is a typical mission in today’s Iraq.

Out and about in the city with Iraqi forces we were promised a good sized enemy cache.  Digging around an empty lot this is what we found: a empty box buried under a few feet of dirt.  Yeah, it looked like a container for PG-7 rockets for a RPG but they were long gone by now.

A little more digging around the empty lot revealed this cornucopia of insurgent party favors…yeah, so this one was pretty much a bust.  A rusty AK magazine and some 7.62x54R bullets for a PKM.  I was going to torch it with a thermite grenade but the Iraqi commander stopped me.

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Snipers will play an important role in future chapters of “Reflexive Fire” so I thought I would share of few pictures of some Iraqi designated marksmen I worked with.  In the future I’ll get up some pics of my own time spent behind a long gun.

Training with the 7.62x54R SVD rifle.

Group picture out at the range, I’m the one in green.

Update: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local-beat/Sniper-Fire-Oakland-Police-98739644.html

The untrained sniper leverages intimate knowledge of the local terrain for what he lacks in marksmanship and field craft.

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