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Author Interview with Jerry Hanel

Today I have another interview up on Jerry Hanel’s website.  We talked about PROMIS, writing, social media, and more.  Here is a bit of it:

I enjoy books from so many different genres — from Christian fiction, to fantasy, to the paranormal. But when I look back at my choices, I see that there’s always a dark theme to them. What is one theme that you enjoy reading?

The deus ex machina theme, or plot device rather, is something I find myself drawn to again and again. The idea that one person, talented and determined enough, can save the day is always something that resonated with me. To me it’s also an expression of rugged individualism. It means that the individual matters and is more important than a collective that is, by it’s nature, incapable of making rational decisions.

Thanks Jerry!

Read the rest on Jerry’s Writing Corner.


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