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Kit Up! gets the low down on the finalists for the new Army camo scheme

Hyperstealth's entry for the new Army camo pattern

Now that the US Army has announced that they have narrowed down their pool of camouflage schemes for potential replacement of the ACU pattern, we know that Hyperstealth’s entry is among the finalists.  I dropped by ADS (who is partnered with Hyperstealth) today at the SHOT show to talk to Guy Cramer about his entry.  He showed me what he called Version B, which is 99% the same as Version A, which is one of the four patterns currently being looked at by the Army.  In other words, most of us probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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Camo Drama!

It looks as if an unfortunate grudge match is brewing between A-TACS and Hyperstealth.  The Canadian based Hyperstealth sent A-TACS a cease and desist letter regarding their new A-TACS-FG woodland pattern stating that it copies and infringes upon a number of different Hyperstealth patterns including, “Ghostex Alpha and Delta, SpecAM, SOPAT, Eurospec, and CAMOPAT”.  A-TACS has in turn filed a lawsuit in order to protect themselves, as they want a court ruling to state that their pattern does not violate any Hyperstealth patents.  We’ll see where this goes, but I like innovation in this industry and hope that a lawsuit doesn’t end up making both companies weaker in the long run.

For more information shoot over to Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News who did a great job with this story and also posted the court documents so readers can decide for themselves.

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Hyperstealth’s Desert Dune Pattern hits Iraq

Read about it at Kit Up!

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Hyperstealth reveals SMARTCAMO, the first adaptive “chameleon” camouflage uniform

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. recently revealed that they have developed the first true chameleon type camo uniform, which changes colors to blend in with whatever environment the soldier is in.  Needless to say this is a major development in the industry and represents a holy grail in the field and science of military camouflage.

Myself on the right wearing a Hyperstealth uniform in Iraq.  This is just an example of their product being used in theater and is NOT SMARTCAMO.  Currently, no pictures of SMARTCAMO have been publicly released.

Guy Cramer, the mad scientist behind Hyperstealth, has said that the technology itself is a “composite” (presumably of different systems and techniques) but does not involve nanotechnology, ruling out, I would think, some sort of Phased Array Optics of the variety that actually bend light, in line with the kind of technology seen in the “Predator” movies.  In this case were are not talking about the user becoming invisible, but changing color to match the immediate surroundings.

According to military.com, Cramer has also confirmed that the technology uses power and logic, meaning that it runs on a battery and utilizes some sort of on board computer.  What form this takes is unknown.  A small plastic power pack velcroed the uniform, or slid inside a pocket?  Embedded into the uniform fabric itself?

I’m on the left wearing the “Desert Dune” pattern uniform offered by Hyperstealth.

Another feature of SMARTCAMO is that it also adapts to the IR spectrum, allowing the soldier to blend in better when viewed through night vision devices.  This is speculation on my part, but I wonder if this allows it to also defeat thermal systems.  I’m not an expert, but I believe that thermals work by detecting the infrared light produced by a heat source.  If this uniform can manipulate the IR levels put off by the uniform to blend in with the background temperature, can is also mask the user from thermal imaging?

Cramer even commented that the uniform feels and wears like any other military uniform and can even be used for maritime operations.  The only drawback at the moment is that the SMARTCAMO uniform costs about 1,000 USD to produce, putting it out side the budgets of all but the most well funded Special Operations units.

Reportedly, DoD and USSOCOM are very interested in this technology and have asked Hyperstealth to remove the video demonstration of their SMARTCAMO uniform from their website.  Keep an eye on SMARTCAMO, if any mention of the technology dissapears from Hyperstealth’s website and they refuse to comment on it further, than you can bet that it got swept up by some Tier One Special Operations outfit and was classified as Operational Security (OPSEC).



Military.com Chameleon Camo is Here

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