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Kit Up! gets the low down on the finalists for the new Army camo scheme

Hyperstealth's entry for the new Army camo pattern

Now that the US Army has announced that they have narrowed down their pool of camouflage schemes for potential replacement of the ACU pattern, we know that Hyperstealth’s entry is among the finalists.  I dropped by ADS (who is partnered with Hyperstealth) today at the SHOT show to talk to Guy Cramer about his entry.  He showed me what he called Version B, which is 99% the same as Version A, which is one of the four patterns currently being looked at by the Army.  In other words, most of us probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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Hyperstealth’s Desert Dune Pattern hits Iraq

Read about it at Kit Up!

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Hyperstealth Desert Digital uniform

Above is a picture of myself in Iraq last year wearing a uniform manufactured by Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.  Before deploying I did some research looking for a uniform with an effective desert pattern.  ACU’s just don’t cut it, as the Army has had to reluctantly admit only after Congressional intervention.  The Marines have a pretty decent desert uniform but wearing that might constitute perpetrating a fraud in the eyes of a Marine (I was Army) so I ordered a few uniforms from Hyperstealth.

The uniform is from their SPEC4CE series and is called Desert Dune.  The cut is similar to the ACU and other modern US military uniforms with pockets on the sleeves and ankles.  One noticeable difference is the lack of velcro, most of it being replaced with old school buttons.  The pattern itself is a four color digital type which worked very well out in the hinterlands.

The lightweight fabric used was MUCH appreciated come summer time in Iraq.  This uniform was much more comfortable then ACU’s, DCU’s, and a Multicam uniform I had from Propper.  The trade off is that the lightweight fabric is more prone to rips and tears.  In a 130 degree heat I was happy to accept that and engage in a little Suzy homemaker stitching post-mission when needed.

I would definitely recommend this uniform to soldiers currently deploying to the Middle East.

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