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Chapter Seven

Chapter seven is now online.  Get ready to meet a mob boss from Taiwan who rents white body guards as a status symbol, a Colombian banker in Ginea Bassau who knows who the American drug lords are, and the perfect assassin who lives five separate lives at the same time.

Here is a sample:

Mousa Zerktouni was one of five separate names attached to five separate lives committed to his photographic memory.

The Mousa alias was French-Moroccan. Others were British, French, Saudi, and Indian. He spoke the languages that accompanied each name, each identity. Each had an entirely different life that went along with the name. Families, schools, lovers, career highs, and personal lows. They were all seared into his mind with laser precision, his recall being tested regularly by his handlers.

His fingerprints were not his but had belonged to a Chinese cadaver and were surgically grafted into his fingers one by one allowing him to bypass the biometric systems in various airports without raising any red flags. Likewise, his face had undergone numerous reconstructive surgeries making it nearly impossible to ascertain what his real age was.

He was deniable, invisible, and if need be expendable.

Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven preview

“What do you do different?”

“I keep my money in banks. The right banks,” he replied exhaling a cloud of smoke.

“You give the bankers a cut for laundering your cartel’s money.”

“Of course, this is how it has always worked. Haven’t you ever wondered why some cartels in Mexico get a free pass while others have the entire Mexican army deployed against them? Unlike in the US the border is tightly controlled on the Mexican side to protect the corridors. It is much the same for us. If you know you’re place you will be allowed to operate. This is the price of doing business.”

It was a long shot but with the information Deckard had given him and what he had uncovered on his own Adam intended to follow the money.

“What are the right banks?”

“The gringo kind,” Edwardo laughed.

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