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FPS Nation Interview

How did you develop Deckard’s personality and character?

Deckard is a combination of personality traits that are not commonly found into the Special Operations community but are also consistent with the type of eccentric person that you only find in Special Operations units. He is the type of person who could never exist in “civilized” world. That said, he also carries many of the characteristics that are often found in professional soldiers, he has a strong sense of right and wrong and a sense of honor about him. The missions he accomplishes are so impossible that I figure that the man running the show must be a little strange to begin with so that is how I approach the character. He isn’t the stereotypical Captain of the football team type that is common in the genre of military thrillers.

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Jack Murphy on a Romance blog!?!

Yes folks, unicorns do exist!  Thanks so much to Veronica Scott for having me!  Take a look:

Who do you see playing Deckard if RF gets picked up as a movie or series?

The only actor I could even remotely see as Deckard would be Clive Owen. He plays a tough, intelligent, bad ass very well but also has that kind of outlandish quality about him, the sense of the absurd, that Deckard also shares.

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New interview on the Two-Fisted Blog!

A new interview with yours truely is posted on Hank’s Two Fisted Blog, worth a look in my highly biased opinion!  Here is a small bit from it:

2FB: So tell us about Deckard: What would his resume read like? More importantly, how would you describe his personality, motivations, etc.?  Assuming he has time off in between jobs, how does he like to spend it and where does he go?

As far as his professional and personal background, I leave that fairly murky.  This was done intentionally in order to reveal a little more about him with each book.  I hope it doesn’t tick readers off but I think it is interesting to develop a character over the course of several books, revealing more about him within the plot of each novel.  However, even in Reflexive Fire we learn a little bit more about him as we get deeper into the book.

Deckard comes from a military background and at some point was recruited into the world of covert operations, but somewhere along the way he had a falling out with certain governmental agencies and now plies his trade as a freelance operative, working mostly singleton operations in the far corners of the world.  In terms of personality he is a little odd, you’d have to be in order to do his job, and somewhat obsessive.  He is the type of soldier who went far too deep to ever return to “normal” life, I don’t think there is any turning back for him.  Despite this, Deckard is a reasonable human being; he lives by a certain code and has lines that he won’t cross.  What does he do in his down time?  I don’t think he even knows what to do with himself during those moments and probably indulges himself until he can’t take the boredom anymore.

In terms of motivation, well, if there is any doubt in the reader’s mind by the end of the book, Deckard’s final words in the novel will leave no doubt as to why he does what he does.

Jack Murphy’s Two Fist Blog Interview


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Author Interview with Jerry Hanel

Today I have another interview up on Jerry Hanel’s website.  We talked about PROMIS, writing, social media, and more.  Here is a bit of it:

I enjoy books from so many different genres — from Christian fiction, to fantasy, to the paranormal. But when I look back at my choices, I see that there’s always a dark theme to them. What is one theme that you enjoy reading?

The deus ex machina theme, or plot device rather, is something I find myself drawn to again and again. The idea that one person, talented and determined enough, can save the day is always something that resonated with me. To me it’s also an expression of rugged individualism. It means that the individual matters and is more important than a collective that is, by it’s nature, incapable of making rational decisions.

Thanks Jerry!

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PROMIS featured on the Two Fisted Blog today

Hank Brown did a great write up of the first issue of PROMIS and I answered some more questions, including the meaning behind the title:

Jack Murphy: PROMIS is the name of a controversial computer program developed in the 1980’s by a company called INSLAW.  PROMIS stands for Prosecutors Management Information System.  Back in those days the Justice Department was losing cases because they couldn’t keep track of the files in the primitive computers they had.  PROMIS was developed and sold to the government to allow various computer systems to cross talk and communicate between each other.  The software was eventually stolen by the CIA and allegedly used to launder millions of dollars of drug money.  This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the PROMIS software scandal and any investigation into this subject will inevitably lead down a road that takes the researcher into subjects like Iran-Contra, the October Surprise, and the murder of a journalist named Danny Casolaro to keep it all quiet.  I can’t do the subject justice here but those who are interested should read “The Last Circle,” by Cheri Seymour or for a primer read the following article: “http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/052401_promis.html

I named this series PROMIS because the over all story arc will cover the development and intrigue surrounding the PROMIS software scandal.  In issue one we see the very beginnings of a fictionalized PROMIS in Leon Petraska’s formulas.”

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On PROMIS and other subjects, my first interview.

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I’ve been doing a few interviews for other writer’s blogs, hopefully this will help draw some interest to the PROMIS series.  I’m not trying to get rich off a 99 cent e-book, I’d give the thing away if Amazon would let me.  However, I do need to draw some attention to the series so that action-adventure fans know that it is out there to begin with.

Today, you can read an interview I did for David Burton’s blog, Random Musings.  My interview can be found on the front page or by clicking right here.  David had some interesting questions and it was great of him to give me this opportunity.  Here is a taste:

What do you think is the general perception of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Most Americans try very hard to ignore that we are even fighting a war, or if they do, have no idea how it impacts them. I can understand the second point because I’m not sure that it does. Sadly, I have to say that the US military has put career advancement ahead of victory in Afghanistan and Iraq. The bureaucracy and risk adverse attitude of commanders, even in Special Forces units, is completely unreal. That’s a message you won’t be hearing from the mass media anytime soon.

Check out the rest at davidhburton.com


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