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American Drug Lords

This short documentary I found today to my surprise is about many of the issues addressed in “Reflexive Fire” namely international drug smuggling under the auspices of western governments.  I was somewhat familiar with Daniel Hopsicker’s work but had no idea he had produced this short film that so closely mirrors the subject matter of my novel in progress.  I would say that this video makes a good trailer for my book but to tell the truth that really does not do Daniel’s research justice, this is real life and as usual is it much, much stranger then fiction.


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Chapter Five now online

The MH-47 helicopters screamed through the night, the dull black finish on their fuselage blending seamlessly with the dark skyline.

The twin rotor blades cut through the air as they flew nap of the earth following the contour lines of the mountains as they rose and fell just a dozen meters over the surface, the pilots flying by instrument and night vision goggles.

In the belly of the six rotary wing aircraft the passengers sat on the cold floor front to back loaded down with rifles, machine guns, ammunition, and grenades. The aircraft were completely blacked out, no one dosing off due to a combination of pre-combat jitters and motion sickness as the helicopters rocked up and down.

The flight to the first combat outpost for refueling had been uneventful; now they were in a combat zone where pilots were subject to fire from surface to air weapons and ground troops found themselves in constant contact with enemy guerrilla fighters from a dozen different factions vying for control of the rugged landscape below.

Two new chapters up today.  I’ll try to have six up tomorrow.

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View from a Little Bird Helicopter

Every Special Operations soldiers wants three things, to be a HALO jumper, to get a bayonet kill, and to ride on a MH-6 Little Bird.  I got to do two of the three.  I’m still holding out for the zombie apocalypse for my bayonet kill.  Above is a picture of me when I was a sniper in 2005 during a training exercise.

This is the view of what it looks like while sitting on the pod of the aircraft that I am leaning on in the first picture from the air.

I was trying to take a picture of a deer I had seen in the forest below…yeah, good luck doing that with a disposable camera while in flight on one of these things.

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