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PROMIS: Rhodesia

I should have some news coming soon about the second issue of the PROMIS series.


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Paperback edition of Reflexive Fire is now avaliable!

I was plenty excited to open the box that came in the mail yesterday from Amazon.  I knew it contained the proof copy of my novel but was still pretty nervous for some reason.  I suppose that after investing a year of my life into this project that I didn’t want to let myself down.  Failure is about the hardest thing for Special Forces guys to accept, literally a fear worse than death!  Thankfully, I think this is a product I can be really proud of and I hope that readers feel the same way.

The book is in the 6×9 format with full cover art, the interior is creme colored paper (I hope it is easier on the eyes for some readers) and comes in at exactly 400 pages.  There were a couple mistakes in the proof copy though.  I’ve since corrected those and re-uploaded the files.  I will show you what they were so you get an idea of how this whole thing works.

Notice that the text on the back cover came on a little messed up.  Rather than being centered it is squished over on the far left hand side.

Doh!  I’ve since centered the page numbers so that won’t be an issue.  These are aesthetic mistakes that perhaps many readers don’t even care about but I want to put a professional product in your hands, as well as a novel that you can enjoy of course, so I fixed these things yesterday afternoon.  Once Amazon approved the corrections I made the book for sale.  If you look at the menu on the left hand side of the screen you can buy the paperback or kindle edition of the book.

I am really happy with the quality of the book and I think that you will be too.  If you would like an autographed copy please leave a comment or email me at reflexivefire@yahoo.com so I know how many copies of the book to order.  Thanks for supporting this book, it’s been a long journey but worth it!


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Reflexive Fire: Released this week!

I love it when a good plan comes together.  My cover artist just delivered the final product to me this morning.  Personally, I think it was worth the wait for something like this.  I will post some more details about the cover later but the big news is that my novel, “Reflexive Fire” is currently being published by Amazon.  Coming in at nearly 400 pages, I think it breaks some of the genre’s preconceptions and will give readers an action-adventure novel like they’ve never read before.  The Kindle edition should be ready for sale in just a few days and the paperback copy is my next project, certainly you should be seeing that sometime in July.

For those of you who have been following this blog and my works for the last year, I owe you a huge thank you!  I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from fellow authors, fans, and other interested parties.  Writing this book has been a great experience.  For anyone who is just joining us, here is the synopsis for the book, I hope that you will consider reading the rest:

As a freelance assassin, Deckard is no stranger to the shadow world of covert operations, but when he is summoned to Bohemian Grove and hired to train and lead a battalion of Kazakh mercenaries, he soon discovers his employer’s real agenda: a doomsday plot decades in the making.

Now, free humanity’s only chance for survival rests with Deckard’s renegade Private Military Company. From Afghanistan, to Burma, and beyond, the clock is ticking down to global extinction.

Just days away!


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On PROMIS and other subjects, my first interview.

Click on the cover to buy at Amazon.com

I’ve been doing a few interviews for other writer’s blogs, hopefully this will help draw some interest to the PROMIS series.  I’m not trying to get rich off a 99 cent e-book, I’d give the thing away if Amazon would let me.  However, I do need to draw some attention to the series so that action-adventure fans know that it is out there to begin with.

Today, you can read an interview I did for David Burton’s blog, Random Musings.  My interview can be found on the front page or by clicking right here.  David had some interesting questions and it was great of him to give me this opportunity.  Here is a taste:

What do you think is the general perception of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Most Americans try very hard to ignore that we are even fighting a war, or if they do, have no idea how it impacts them. I can understand the second point because I’m not sure that it does. Sadly, I have to say that the US military has put career advancement ahead of victory in Afghanistan and Iraq. The bureaucracy and risk adverse attitude of commanders, even in Special Forces units, is completely unreal. That’s a message you won’t be hearing from the mass media anytime soon.

Check out the rest at davidhburton.com


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