.300 WinMag: Sniper rifle chambered for the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge

1911: .45 Caliber pistol

2REP: Elite airborne unit within the French Foreign Legion

40mm grenade: A grenade fired from a grenade launcher rather than thrown by hand.  Also see: HE and

HEDP for different types of grenades

727: Civilian passenger aircraft

AAR: After Action Review, conducted post-mission to establish what happened and critique mission performance

AC Milan: Italian soccer team

AG: Assistant Gunner, carried ammunition, spare barrels, and tripod for a machine gunner

AH-60L: Black Hawk helicopter outfitted with a machine gun and rocket pods

AK-103: An updated form of the AK-47 rifle that can be fitted with a variety of different optics

AK-47: Avtomat Kalashnikova-1947, following the standard Soviet weapons naming convention. Avtomat meaning the type of rifle: automatic. Kalashnikov comes from the last name of the inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov and the year 1947 is when the rifle went into production. The AK-47 is the world’s most ubiquitous battle rifle, having been used in virtually every conflict since the Cold War.

AN/PSQ-20: Advanced form of night vision goggles that also incorporates thermal heat vision to help detect targets.

Antonov 125: Large Russian-made cargo airplane

AO: Area of Operations

APOBS: Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System

Arystan: Kazakh Anti-Terror unit

Aurora: Allegedly the code name for a classified spy plane

Bilderberg Group: Secretive, yearly roundtable type meeting of the world’s most influential leaders in business, politics, and the mass media.

Bohemian Grove: Occult ritual taking place in California once a year and attended my much of the US political and business establishment

BOLD: Blood-Oxygen Level Dependence, used to measure which parts of the brain are active

C130: US Air force military cargo airplane

C17: The C130’s big brother, can carry more equipment and personnel

C4: Composition Four, plastic explosives

Camelbak: Plastic bladder used to carry water in, commonly carried on a soldiers back and drank through a long tube that acts as a straw

CDC: Center for Disease Control

CFR: see Council on Foreign Relations

CO: Commanding Officer

COG: Continuity of Government

College Park: See Special Collections Service

Council on Foreign Relations:  Has been described as a parallel government.  A think tank that discusses various foreign policy issues.

CZ75: Czech-made 9mm pistol

Delta Force: US Army counter-terrorist unit

Det Chord: Detonation Chord, used to sympathetically detonate larger explosive charges

DevGroup: US Navy SEAL counter-terrorist unit

Dragonov: Russian-made sniper rifle

DShK: Soviet era 12.7 machine gun

EM: Electromagnetic

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

EUC: End User Agreement, a legal device that attempts to prevent arms transactions from happening among blacklisted countries or groups.

Exfil: Exfiltration

FDC: Fire Direction Center, used to coordinate mortar fire

FM: Frequency Modulation, a form of radio communication

FMK2: Argentinian made fragmentation grenade

fMRI: functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

FN P90: 5.7 50 round sub-machine gun manufactured by Fabrique Nationale of Begium

FNG: Fucking New Guy

Glock: Austrian made brand of pistols

GPS: Global Positioning System

GROM: Polish counter terrorist unit active in the War on Terror

GSG-9: German counter-terrorist unit

GUARD: Global Unconventional Aid, Rescue, and Defense, a US-based Private Military Company

Gulfstream 500: Luxury private jet used by corporations and the wealthy

H&K G3: German-made 7.62 battle rifle

HALO: High Altitude Low Opening, also known as Military Free Fall or MFF

HE: High Explosive

HEDP: High Explosive Dual Purpose

HGH: Human Growth Hormone

HK: Heckler and Koch, German arms manufacturer

HN-5: Chinese copy of Soviet era anti-aircraft missile launcher

HTT: see Human Terrain Team

Human Terrain Teams: A military project that provides socio-cultural experts to help commanders on the ground understand local cultures.

HVT: High Value Target

IED: Improvised Explosive Device

IFF: Identification Friend or Foe

IMF: International Monetary Fund

Infil: Infiltration

IR: Infrared

IZLID: infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator Designator

J-10: Chinese fighter jet

Jet Ranger: Civilian helicopter manufactured by Bell

JP-8: Military grade jet fuel

Ka-Bar: Military fighting knife

KIA: Killed In Action

Little Bird: Special Operations helicopter used to insert small teams of operators onto objectives

M203: Under barrel, breach loaded, 40mm grenade launcher

M4: Shortened M16 carbine, commonly carried by US forces

M81: Fuse ignitor

Main Core: Classified US Government computer system

MC-130: Special Operations variety of the C130 cargo transport aircraft

MC-5: Free fall parachute used by Special Forces personnel

MH-47: Special Operations variety of the double rotor CH-47 transport helicopter

Milkor Mk14: Six-shot 40mm grenade launcher

Mosin-Nagant: World War Two era Russian bolt action rifle

Mossad: Israeli Intelligence service

MP5: Heckler and Koch 9mm sub-machine gun

MRUD: A Yugoslavian copy of the US-made Claymore anti-personnel mine

NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeants

NSA: National Security Agency, handles signal intercepts

NVG: Night Vision Goggles

O2: Oxygen

OPCEN: Operations Center

Operations Order: Written mission format distributed to combat leaders

PETN: Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, used instead of blasting caps to detonate larger explosive charges

PG-7: Anti-Tank rocket for an RPG-7

PKM: Belt-fed Russian machine gun

PMC: Private Military Company

PRC: People’s Republic of China

PsyOps: Psychological Operations

RAF: Royal Air Force

Rangers: US Airborne Light Infantry unit

RDX: Research Developed Explosives, also known as hexogen

Remington 270: Short barrel 12 gauge shotgun used for ballistic breaches

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

RPD: Russian belt-fed machine gun

RPG: Rocket Propelled Grenade

RPK: Heavy barrel AK-47 with an extended magazine

RV: Rendezvous

S2: Intelligence section of a military unit

SA-7: Russian anti-aircraft missile launcher

SADF: South African Defense Force

Samruk: Kazakhstan based Private Military Company

SATCOM: Satellite Communications

SEAL: SEa Air and Land, naval commandos

SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission

Sergeant Major: Senior ranking Sergeant in a military unit

Short 360: Mid-size passenger aircraft

Sig Blaser Tactical Two: State of the art sniper rifle with interchangeable barrels to allow more than one caliber of bullet to be used by the same platform

SIGINT: Signals Intelligence

SITREP: Situation Report

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

Special Collections Service: A joint venture between the CIA and NSA that conducts “black bag” operations such as surreptitious entry to plant surveillance and monitoring devices

Special Forces: Also known as Green Berets, specialize in training indigenous forces.  A separate unit from SEALs, Rangers, and Delta Force

Spetsnaz: Russian Special Forces

SPG-9: Russian-made recoiless rifle

SQL injection attack: A type of computer code injection that allows hackers to exploit security flaws in computer systems

Sunkar: Elite Kazakh police force

TNT: Trinitrotoluene explosives

Trilateral Commission: An international off-shoot of the Council on Foreign Relations that fosters cooperation between the US, Europe, and Japan

TRP: Target Reference Point

Type 63 APC: Tracked Chinese Armored Personnel Carrier

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, typically used for surveillance

UH-60: US Army general purpose helicopter

Unit 8200: Israeli signals interception unit

UWSA: United Wa State Army, a Burmese narco-militia

VSS rifle: Russian-made rifle with integrated sound suppressor for use by Spetsnaz units during covert operations

WIA: Wounded In Action

World Bank: A private international lending institution

XO: Executive Officer, second in command after Commanding Officer

Yaa baa: Methamphetamine pills

ZSU-23: Twin barreled 23mm anti-aircraft machine gun

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