Researching Gray Matter Splatter

Researching Gray Matter Splatter took longer than the previous three novels combined.  In past books I was often writing about places where I had been deployed to as a soldier, visited as a tourist, or reported from as a journalist.  In other cases, they were countries I at least had some passing familiarity with.  In any case, I at least understood urban combat tactics and such, but in this case I came into the research process knowing very little about the Arctic and next to nothing about winter warfare.

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It was only by consulting with a number of experts on the arctic, including active duty soldiers from America and allied nations, that I was able to begin putting together the pieces and then augment this with my own research.  In this post I will lay out some of the books and websites I found most helpful while writing Gray Matter Splatter.  This can also serve as a virtual library for those who read the novel and are interested in learning more about Arctic warfare and geo-politics.


Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills

New Strategic Dynamics of Arctic Region: implications for national security and international cooperation

Polar Imperative

Project Cold Feet: Secret Mission to a Soviet Ice Station

The Hundred Year Marathon

The Modern Mercenary

Cyber Silhouettes: Shadows Over Information Operations


Russia’s plans for Arctic supremacy 

Bring back the Privateers

Russian military bases in the Arctic

Canada’s Arctic Station: Alert

Polar orbiting satellites

Off shore oil drilling in Alaska

Arctic ice floes

New Canadian Arctic base

2001 Arctic report

Ellesmere Island

Camp Century

Other resources:

Camp Century documentary

The Northern Warfare Training Center in Alaska also has a great website with many Field Manuals that can be downloaded at PDF files.


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2 responses to “Researching Gray Matter Splatter

  1. Joshua

    Now that gray matter is complete..will you be working on the promis series…I do like how u added a mystery to his father in the book tho..

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