Gray Matter Splatter (Deckard Novel #4) now available for pre-order!

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The 4th novel in the Deckard series, Gray Matter Splatter, is now available for pre-order on with a release date of August 24th.  I’m super stoked to be able to get this one out to the readers and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

From New York Times best selling author and Army Special Operations veteran Jack Murphy comes the next installment in the Deckard mercenary fiction series.

The high Arctic is a region untouched by war.

Until now.

A mysterious weapon is stolen from a Russian facility by an equally elusive foe. With America under attack, the only chance to recover the weapon falls to Deckard and Samruk International in what quickly becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse in the Arctic Circle.

Their enemy is technically savvy, sophisticated, and cunning, staying a step ahead of Samruk at every turn as they race across the tundras of Russia, Alaska, Canada, and beyond.

With the numbers ticking down, Deckard makes a desperate final push across the frozen waste while the enemy triggers their final attack: a blow that could knock Western civilization back a hundred years and give birth to a new empire.

Pre-order Gray Matter Splatter today on Amazon!


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3 responses to “Gray Matter Splatter (Deckard Novel #4) now available for pre-order!

  1. Greg

    Be a great way to end the summer by getting my Deckard fix.
    No easy to write good fiction keep up the good work. I’m working on short stories and it is a challenge.

    Stay Safe

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