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Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay between posts on this blog.  I’m still hard at work writing and researching the forthcoming Deckard novel, “Gray Matter Splatter.”  I’m probably two thirds of the way into the draft of the novel.  In the meantime, my day job takes me around and keeps me busy.  Here is a selection of my recent articles which have appeared on

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.06.57 PM

Special Forces Military Free Fall Student Becomes a Towed Jumper!


Summer, the Chinese Spy that tried to gather intel off me and my friends at the SHOT show this year.


Three Years Later: Benghazi and American Covert Operations in Libya.


JSOC Operators on the Ground for El Chapo Capture.

Special Forces Soldiers Left Flapping in the Breeze in Marjah, Afghanistan.

North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb: More Smoke and Mirrors.


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5 responses to “My Recent Articles on

  1. What’s the future of this blog?

    • Updates on my various activities of course.

      • camosteve

        If your using this blog only to update your followers on your various activities, then I find the site kinda redundant. You have SOFREP and social media accounts like Facebook that keeps your followers well updated as it is.

        With that said however, this is your blog. You can do whatever the hell you want it! 🙂

      • In a sense, I agree. It feels like I have a half dozen social media accounts at this point…how many does one really need?

  2. Perhaps we do not NEED any, but rather we desire to. We humans are social animals after all. So I think it’s just natural for us to try to connect to as many people/groups as possible. However, by doing so our priorities regarding time management shift too much towards cyberspace rather than the physical world. Personally, I only have one active social media account, and that is on FB. However, SOFREP to me is slowly becoming a pseudo second one as well.

    For you, it seems you are in a dilemma per say. You use your social media accounts not just to spread your personal views on subjects, but also to promote your work. So naturally, it’s in your advantage to try to reach out to as many people by creating social media accounts, because it all indirectly benefits you.

    A somewhat related tidbit of information:
    You may already know this, but google partially determines which sites are first listed after a google search, by the amount of connected social media accounts. So for example, I’m part of a casual gaming group called Semtek Division. We have a Semtek Division twitter account, Semtek Division facebook account , etc. This allows our site to the be first one listed when the Keywords “Semtek Division” is typed into google.

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