Samruk International Hats, Patches, and Books

hat2Because you guys kept asking for them, I now have patches and hats in for all of you.  Please note that the ball caps are fitted so when you order I need you to make a note as to what size you require.  I sunk a good chunk of change into having some high quality stuff done up and am selling it just above cost, so I hope you guys enjoy!  The order links will go live on the merchandise page on Friday morning.  You’ll also be able to purchase signed copies of Direct Action, along with past books.



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8 responses to “Samruk International Hats, Patches, and Books

  1. I Am IN and so happy to see this new gear. TY Jack.

  2. BigB

    Fuck yeah! And fitted to boot! I am on it come Friday morning.

  3. Robert Lawrence

    I am officially ordering one of your new hats that you just got in. on the list.

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  5. Ryan McCracken

    Hey Jack,

    Just wanted to ask if you’ve still got any hats or patches left, I know it’s been a looooong time but mine seem to have wandered off and I figured it can’t hurt to ask! In any case I hope you’re doing well and I can’t wait for the next Deckard novel!


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