Direct Action Release Date (and other good news)

DirectActionPreviewshotNow that I’m in the final stages of finalizing the cover and back cover art, I am announcing the release date for Direct Action.  Look for it on the 21st of February in both paperback and ebook formats.  I can’t know exact pricing for the paperback until the book is constructed, but expect it to be very similar to the previous two books.  Probably $15 for the paperback and $4 for the ebook.

I’m excited about the release and look forward to the response.  Some people are going to be seriously offended by the content of the book and many will want to string me up for it.  But I didn’t write Direct Action for shock value, the book is directly influenced by factual events.  My previous novels were about writing the ultimate action adventure tale but Direct Action is different.  This book is about sending a message to a very particular and specific group of people.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I had friends tell me that I would be killed simply for investigating the subjects I wrote about in this book.  There is a lot of money, prestige, power, and legacy tied up in these events, and some people will do anything to cover up criminal activities.

Lets move on to somewhat better news.

Fans have been asking me for Deckard/Samruk International hats, t-shirts, ect for a long time now.  The hats and patches are both on their way.  Here are some preview shots for those interested.

Samrukhat2patch3They will both be offered on this website sometime later this month so stay tuned for that.  Again, I’m excited to finally release Direct Action and get it into reader’s hands.  I think it is my best written, and most important, book to date.  Deckard will return for book #4, but right now I’m going to be focused on finishing up college over the summer and a few other projects I have going on.  For instance, after the release of Direct Action I will be working on the release of a Danish SOF operator’s memoir which I’ve been having translated into English.  I’ve also got some great articles planned for that I need to get cracking on.


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10 responses to “Direct Action Release Date (and other good news)

  1. KF_matt

    Aw yeah! The fact that you don’t just dream up stuff for a storyline is one thing that makes your work stand out.

    I assume the autographed paperback version will be available as well?

  2. BigB

    My apologies for stating Decker as opposed to Deckard (fat fingers and too little a phone) on my last post.
    “That is fucktastic! Thanks for the info dump. Also, I have been meaning to thank you for turning me on to the Gray Man (Court Gentry) series. I had been jonesing with the passing of Vince Flynn for another bad ass operator/singleton (besides Decker of course). Keep up the food work and good luck on that degree.”

  3. Gary

    I’ll be wanting a signed copy to go with my other two.

  4. I’ve read the first two and I can’t wait to read this one! There are no other books with this level of badass that I’ve seen out there!!!

  5. Greg

    Count me in for book and a hat.
    Great series thanks for writing them.

  6. Count me in…signed book, kindle version, hat and some patches…..

    This is gonna be a dark, fun ride….

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