Direct Action is in the Bag!

Made the final round of edits and finished the novel today!  So here is the deal, of course I will have more posts about the book in the coming weeks.  Expect a release date sometime in mid to late February.  I will be sending out some review copies ASAP to selected people.  Right now I just have to work on formatting to get the Kindle and paperback editions ready to go.  You will also be able to order signed copies right here on my website like with the other books.  Now, there is one caveat.  If you subscribe to the website I am the managing editor of,, as a Team Room member then you will be able to read the book in just a couple days.  Membership has its privileges.  More to follow!


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4 responses to “Direct Action is in the Bag!

  1. BigB

    Congrats, brother!
    Can’t wait to peep it in the Team Room. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    I look forward to the peak in the Team Room!!!

    Warning Order – I will be ordering a signed copy here as soon as they are available.

    Excellent news for sure.

  3. Can’t wait for the peep show!

  4. BigB

    That is fucktastic! Thanks for the info dump. Also, I have been meaning to thank you for turning me on to the Gray Man (Court Gentry) series. I had been jonesing with the passing of Vince Flynn for another bad ass operator/singleton (besides Decker of course). Keep up the food work and good luck on that degree.

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