Cover and Synopsis for Direct Action


Take two on the synopsis for “Direct Action”.  Questions, comments, critiques?  Also, enjoy the preview of the cover…

The right man in the wrong place.

They call themselves Liquid Sky. Rogue SEAL Team Six operators turned soldiers of fortune. They’ve got the training and combat experience to pull off the impossible as their client hires them to stoke the flames of the Arab Spring in certain Middle Eastern countries…and suppress it in others.

Deckard faces the most challenging mission of his career when he comes across intel that puts him hot on the trail of Liquid Sky’s latest assassination in Pakistan, a mission that targets a pro-democracy advocate. Failing to stop the rogue cell, Deckard shoots from the hip and drops his name in the running to be Liquid Sky’s newest member, replacing the one he just killed.

It is a mission unlike any other that Deckard has ever faced. As they strike their targets in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Egypt, and beyond, Deckard has to maintain his cover while sabotaging their operations. If Deckard can hold out just a little longer, he might be able to find out who Liquid Sky is taking their marching orders from.

But the missions are only getting dirtier, and Deckard’s hands are far from clean. When the time comes, not even Deckard knows if he will be able to do all that is necessary to take out Liquid Sky.


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4 responses to “Cover and Synopsis for Direct Action

  1. I read this several times and the synopsis is very good. I originally was thinking the saying “…replacing the one he just killed.” was too mush of plot reveal but it really fits.

    The cover art is a must.

  2. Greg

    Can’t wait for it to come out.
    I really enjoyed PROMIS also.

  3. Rob

    Hey Jack,

    Great synopsis and nice cover. I liked the fact that you kept the crosshairs with the title, as you did with TARGET DECK,….nice continuity of style.

    As for the picture, while covers for REFLEXIVE and TARGET were more action-oriented, I find the new cover to be more of a photo-realistic style. I like it. The artist did a fantastic job.

    I look forward to reading the finished product.

    • Marc did a great job as always. My main thing is that I like the covers to be very different from each other and I think we are mission accomplished on that even though each one shows a picture of a soldier.

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