Democracy Now! on Benghazi and Covert Operations


Watch myself with Brandon Webb on Democracy Now!


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3 responses to “Democracy Now! on Benghazi and Covert Operations


    Hi Jack,

    Enjoyed brandon’s and your interview and have since the attack took place that the fact that Ty and Glen were deployed that there was more to the story then was published.

    i’m curious to learn your opinion about the fact that help never arrived for Glen and Ty? If you can speak about it frankly and openly.

    Have you and or Brandon addressed this issue?

    Personally I am outraged about this, but if I am wrong and shouldn’t be I would appreciate being straitened out. Thanks.


    Lou Dag

    • Help wasn’t situated the night of in a manner which they could quickly respond. Instead, everyone had to throw together ad hoc solutions. That’s why Glen rolled out to help with the other guys on his own initiative.

  2. jwesten

    1. Measured, thoughtful commentary.
    2. Your analysis of General Petraeus’ downfall accords with what I have heard.
    3. As was promised, score settling and undercutting political opponents began on November 6 and has continued unabated to the present.
    4. By my count, 42 scalps are handing from somebody’s belt. Am morbidly entertained, waiting for the latest casualty to be announced in the WaPo.
    5. Hope you have better things to do.
    V/R JWest

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