The Mystery of Bilderberg


With the Bilderberg Group’s annual pow-wow currently underway, I thought I would take a moment to add a few of my thoughts on the matter amongst the flood of speculation currently floating around the interwebz.  I’ve often thought about starting a separate blog which would cover politics, although it would have absolutely nothing to do with political ideology the way we know it today.  Rather it would be about the dark arts of politics, the manipulation, propaganda operations, how populations are managed, and the shady activities of elites all while (I hope) steering clear of the more ludicrous conspiracy theories.  Maybe I will get to this project after I finish college.  However, I do want to throw a few thoughts out there in regards to Bilderberg since my novels do involve lots of conspiracy.

What is the Bilderberg Group?  The best information we have is that the Bilderberg Group is an informal organization in which the most powerful individuals hailing from both the public and private sectors meet and discuss global issues.  Attendees include the CEO’s of major corporations and heads of state, many lists of these attendees has been leaked over the years and can be found on the internet although it seems fairly certain that other guests attend who require more discretion and do not appear on the official rolls.  These would include US Presidential candidates for instance.  Apparently, the Bilderberg attendees split into four separate steering groups each day, each to discuss a different topic (ranging from cyber security to energy issues to the invasion of Iraq) and then at the end they come together as one to try to find common ground on the issues previously discussed.

So what do we have here?  First, we have an elite affinity group, an elite network.  Second, we have elite consensus building.  Does this constitute a “shadow government” that secretly yanks on the levers of power?  No, I don’t believe that for a moment.  Bilderberg discusses policy issues within a highly influential group but I see little indication that this group goes back to their respective countries and then enacts said policy.  The process is much more complicated than that.

Rather than a shadow government, we have an affinity network or group.  An affinity group is any organization in which individuals come together, formally or informally, and build relationships and rapport, and perhaps work towards a goal.  This is a common theme in civil society and other examples could include everyone from the Masons, to labor unions, to a butterfly collecting association.  I could be seen as belonging to an affinity network myself as a Special Operations veteran.  When I meet others who served in the Ranger Regiment or in Special Forces we certainly have an affinity for each other as we have a shared experience, served in the same elite units, and know lots of the same people.  For this reason, there is a lot of inherent trust between us right off the bat and we can work together as civilians on a handshake without any issues.  The Bilderberg Group provides a similar function for the Western elites.

But here is the rub…  Bilderberg is also an elite consensus building network.  Me and my Army pals are not policy makers and are normally only making decisions that effect each other or those immediately surrounding us.  Same goes for the guild of butterfly collectors, the association of wood furniture makers, and professional beer drinkers association.  The difference is that Bilderberg is a group of elites who are often the decision makers for national and international policy within their respective countries.  At Bilderberg they are building a consensus with other elites…completely outside any democratic process with zero accountability to their constituents and no peer review. The Bilderberg Group operates outside the bounds of the checks and balances found in the US Constitution.  What they are doing is probably not illegal but certainly unseemly and should be unacceptable to voters who put the elected official who attend Bilderberg into office.

For this reason, I do not think that Bilderberg is necessarily always discussing policies which are intrinsically evil, but the manner in which they are talking about them is unacceptable to a free and open society.  That said, some of the consensus that is built should certainly rise eyebrows.  Global warming agendas, global government, and international intervention (last year a anti-Assad opposition leader attended) are all controversial topics that should be debated openly, not in secret behind closed doors.

Taking this into account, I still find Bilderberg to be one of the more benign internationalist organizations out there.  There are others which appear far more sinister, such as The Circle, an annual meeting of intelligence officials.  In my studies I’ve also run across other very secretive cliques.  These are not just affinity networks, but also operational organizations, some with access to large amounts of money, and filled with members who believe in fringe ideologies.  Yes, there are much more frightening groups out there and many of them are right here in America.


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8 responses to “The Mystery of Bilderberg

  1. John

    Excellent base block of analysis Jack.

    The affinity grouping is very powerful in failure anlaysis and though what way be seen as benign near term is in the long term terribly evil – the control of the world economy as climate control/populaton control is a prime evil in my mind.

    Thanks for putting together this type of summary. It helps clear my thoughts a good bit.

    • Definitely, and the secretive nature of the meeting and what is discussed is telling. For the most part they are talking about public policy, not secret defense strategy (which I suspect would be highly illegal). Apparently it is already illegal for politicians to meet with business leaders in this manner under the Logan Act but good luck charging any of these guys.

      I think the next step for the serious researcher is to demonstrate how ideas synthesized and agreed upon at Bilderberg influence or allow actual policy decisions to be made within governments. Then you are starting to show some puppetmaster stuff. It would be a hell of a thesis paper for sure…

      • John

        Oh yeah – a thesis that would find the author committing suicide with 4 shotgun blasts to the back of the head….

        I am certain these folks are very good at covering their tracks – no traceable records, messengers who disappear like those old one use code sheets. There has to be a whole shadow economy propping up the other more direct action groups ala Iran-Contra or Nazi/Nippon gold, this would be philosophy discussions, only mistakes would out the action groups.
        The system is what to get at. Truly would need a Samruk to handle

  2. Well, like I said in the article, I am not all that worried about the Bilderberg Group per se. There are other groups out there that are scarier. I’m aware of two or three that the public is completely unaware of and you will find little if anything about these networks anywhere. If I started naming names and activities of those people I’m sure I would have a bullseye painted on the back of my head. I accidentally crossed paths with one of these networks regarding Benghazi without even knowing it until months later.

    As far as documents, there is stuff coming out. Bilderberg documents have leaked. Documents from “Le Circle” have even leaked, including a speech and agenda for I think it was 1983 regarding Southern Africa. Fascinating subject matter which will make you wonder what really happened to Rhodesia and South Africa.

    Anyway, the next step would be to conduct “elite interviews” as you sometimes here them called in the polisci field. Difficult, but not impossible when done correctly.

    • John

      Hmmm – I think you mentioned the Southern Africa connections before.

      Thinking Rhodesia, and our current state, with large affinities….hmmmmm

      Why is all the NSA/Cellphone/Credit card etc vacuuming of data stories coming out now? Either a mistake or cover as any thinking person can watch the tracking of a criminal via card transactions and surveillance cameras and not know there is a vast info network that gets readily tapped.
      All that’s needed is thought police via google tracking.

      • I know some people who believe that old boy was paid by the Chinese to “leak” the NSA story as a Information Operation.

        Here are those leaked documents I had mentioned:

      • John

        Cool – thanks for the link. I will bookmark it so I can drop in a and review. You know me, more data…..

        I think a paid leak is very plausible – false flag to stop any work against Chinese cyber-attacks on citizens. My issue is getting the trust thing going at the moment with our official stories, especially after Benghazi.

        BTW – Facebook has your site as a potentially abusive site when I link over from your FB posts….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Pissing off the the ZuckerBilderbergers? /sarc/

  3. Greg

    Interesting read,Reflexive Fire got me reading up on these groups.
    Thanks for posting this.

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