Selling You My Childhood…

Okay, that title is a little melodramatic but there is some truth to it.  I’m downsizing a bit and am forcing myself to stop traveling around the country with all this stuff.  I just had to ask myself how many times I was really going to re-read all these books.  On the other hand, if you’ve never read them before there are some real gems in here.  All books are used, but in good condition.  Video games and consoles are sold as is.  I haven’t fired them up in a while so no guarantees.  Some times you just gotta roll the dice on these things.  I’m selling these items as bundles so please don’t ask me split them up.  It is what it is.

Contact me at and we can arrange payment via paypal.  First come first serve, all sales are final.

adventureAdventure books from Tom Clancy at the top all the way down to James Rollins at the bottom. SOLD

chrichtonpaperbacks2Michael Crichton paperbacks. SOLD

BrooksMax Brooks books. $4 plus shipping.

CrichtonMichael Crichton hardcovers. SOLD

CusslerClive Cussler paperbacks. $10 plus shipping.

DanBrownDan Brown books. $4 plus shipping.

GillerMarc Giller cyberpunks novels (very good!). $4 plus shipping.

graphicnovelsGraphic novels, Cage, HALO, Sandman #1, and Wanted. SOLD

heavymetalmagazines14 issues of heavy metal magazine with Brom artbook. $10 plus shipping.

IndianaJonesThree Indiana Jones novels.SOLD

JohnRingoJohn Ringo sci fi books. $10 plus shipping.

JordanRobert Jordan paperbacks. $7 plus shipping.

LitAmerican Psycho SOLD. House of Leaves for $2.

MarcinkoRichard Marcinko books. SOLD

MichaelWilliamsonMichael Z Williamson books. $10 plus shipping.

miscMisc. books. $5 plus shipping.

science2Science books. $5 plus shipping.

scifiSci fi books. $10 plus shipping.


Simpsons books. $4 plus shipping.

thrillers2Thrillers. $10 plus shipping.

TomKratmanTom Kratman books. SOLD

travelguidesTravel guides. $4 plus shipping.

VachssAndrew Vachss books plus Vachss graphic novel. $10 plus shipping.

warMilitary books. SOLD

computeractionsgamesShooter PC Games.  Trespasser and Aliens vs. Predator have the strategy guides and Max Payne has the mousepad it came with.  The four games that are kind of washed out in the picture in the lower left are the Orange Box, Half Life Episode 1, Deus Ex: Invisible War, and Stalker. $20 plus shipping.

computerstrategygamesRPG/Strategy PC games.  Riven has strategy guide with it. $20 plus shipping.

gameboyGameboy Advanced with three games. $5 plus shipping.

N64Nintendo 64 with six games.  SOLD

PS2gamesPS2 games.  Tomb Raider: Dark Angel with strategy guide. $20 plus shipping.

supernintentendoSuper Nintendo with six games. SOLD

SegaSega Genesis console with all games shown. SOLD

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