Military Gear for Sale



Desert Parka. Brand New. $30.


IMG_00000166Tru-Spec Multicam combat shirt.  Worn a few times but still in very good condition.  SOLD

IMG_00000169Three fatigue shirts, black, tiger stripe, and “chocolate chip” desert camo. Various sizes. $15

IMG_00000172IMG_00000170Cold weather shirt. Brand New. SOLD

IMG_00000173Tan flight suit. Great for HALO jumps and playing Ghostbusters. Supposedly pilots actually fly wearing these things. SOLD

IMG_00000175LCE complete with pistol belt, suspenders, two canteens and covers, two M16 magazine pouches, and two compass pouches.  A little beat up but functional.SOLD

IMG_00000176Two pairs of gloves. Hatch gloves are used but serviceable. The Massif gloves are brand new.SOLD

IMG_00000177Misc. pouches from Blackhawk, RLCS, Paraclete, SO Tech, ect…SOLD

IMG_00000178Uniforms. Two complete DCU uniforms in Medium Regular. Two other DCU tops, one ACU top, one BDU top. $40

IMG_00000179ACU boonie hats.SOLD

IMG_00000180Old school cold weather jacket.  Could use a wash but perfectly useable. $20

IMG_00000181M65 Field Jacket.SOLD

IMG_00000182Cold weather under pants. Brand New. $10

IMG_00000183IMG_00000184BDU cap, size 7. Done up for the Q-Course. $5

IMG_00000185Polartec under shirt and pants for cold weather. Brand new. $20

IMG_00000186Old school camelbak.SOLD

IMG_00000187Coldweather pants. $10

IMG_00000188Brand new cold weather boots.  One pair has a few shoe polish marks from rubbing up against some old jungle boots but otherwise they are in perfect condition. $40.

IMG_00000189Phantom flashlight. Brand new in bag.SOLD

IMG_00000190Safariland pistol magazine pouch. Brand new. $10.

IMG_00000191Tactical Tailor hardcase pouch.  Brand new. $20

IMG_00000193NBC gear. What you see is what you get. Two pairs of pants, gloves, and boots. $40

IMG_00000195IMG_00000196North Face hiking pack.  Served me well in Central America and still in perfect working condition.  $95.

IMG_00000198Random Army stuff for those who may be interested. $15 bucks.

IMG_00000200Single point sling.SOLD

IMG_00000203Walrus bug hut 2. $40

IMG_00000163IMG_00000162PCU jacket. Nearly new. $190.

Everything is sold as is.  Contact me at to lock in your purchase. Once I have your zipcode I can calculate postage for you.  I will send via standard USPS shipping unless you request otherwise.  All sales are final.


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2 responses to “Military Gear for Sale

  1. G’Day Murph, James Viljoen here, a vriend on W. Bisset. I had a look at your gear for sale and would like to lock-in the following IF possible: * Hatch & Massif gloves, $20USD and * School Camel-back, $10USD. I can make arrangements per your instructions Jack, with my PO BOX 163, MALANDA, QLD Australia 4885 and payment arrangement on delivery! Advise me as to your plan and we can tee this up. Thanks Jack and keep up the goed work with Reflexive Fire, mate! I look for to further contact with you. All the Best, Murph! Kind Regards James J. Viljoen APU Operator R.H.I.N.O. APU e: m: +61498 343 150


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