Deckard (TM) Merchandise

Because people keep asking for it, one of my projects this summer (after I turn in my three term papers) is going to be getting Deckard merchandise made for fans of the books.  I’m thinking of doing four different t-shirts which will feature artwork from my cover artist, Marc Lee and one velcro patch featuring the Samruk International logo found on the back cover of the books.  Does anyone have any other ideas or special requests I should know about?


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10 responses to “Deckard (TM) Merchandise

  1. John

    Very cool!!

    How about some Deckard/Samruk bumper stickers and patches?

  2. Hats/coffe cups.hoodies

  3. Rob

    Team up with Kimber for a commemorative Deckard 1911 .45 pistol. Have the Samruk logo engraved on the slide.


    Seriously, t-shirts and ball caps are good ideas. Maybe if the merchandising takes off, a decent quality golf-style shirt with the Samruk logo on the chest.

    Or a t-shirt with the Samruk logo on the front,…a picture of Deckard on the back with the words, “Deckard’s got my back”.

    Get it? Lol.

  4. Patch, Hat and Hoodie. Would through the uninformed for a loop.

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