Announcement For Those Interested in Joining SOF


I hate to do this, but it has become necessary.  Time is a non-renewable resource of which I have less and less of each day.  I am a full time college student, have a family, and a job.  I simply cannot answer every single question from people who are interested in joining the military.  It is great to see so many enthusiastic young people wanting to sign up and become a part of the Special Operations community but the problem is that I end up answering the same questions over and over again which cuts into my other obligations.  I make a serious effort to respond to every comment and e-mail individually but in order to keep doing that I have to cut down on the redundancy.

I can only answer so many questions about the Option 40 contract or explain the differences between SEALs and Rangers.  Others ask questions I can’t begin to answer like, “I’m torn about whether I should become a Ranger or become a Law Enforcement Officer, which should I choose?”  That’s on you.  From now on I have to simply refer these types of questions to where I and many other former SOF members write everyday.  Reading the articles in our archive and listening to the podcasts (free of charge) will answer 95% of your questions.  If that doesn’t help, you need to shell out the $9.99 a month and become a member of the Team Room where we have an “Ask an Operator” section.  There you will be able to ask former SEALs, Recon Marines, Rangers, and Special Forces soldiers any specific questions you have.  You can also browse archived questions.  The Team Room has other features as well which you might enjoy.

Again, I hate to turn away people who are seeking knowledge, but at the same time, I cannot accommodate everyone individually so I’m directing you to where you can find the information you seek.  Thanks for understanding!

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