Deckard Fan Art


Special thanks to Brad for doing this piece of fan art that depicts Deckard from my novels Reflexive Fire and Target Deck.  Awesome work Brad!


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7 responses to “Deckard Fan Art

  1. Rob

    That’s actually a nice picture……..better than some artwork I’ve seen in published comics.

    Great work.

    Has the artist said if he plans on doing more Deckard artwork?

  2. Greg OIF2

    Nice artwork,love the books can’t wait for the next one.
    I really enjoy your writing Mr.Murphy.Is the PROMIS series digital only?
    Stay Safe

    • Yes, for the time being PROMIS is digital only. Once I get enough shorts written I will go ahead and publish an anthology and do a paperback edition. Thanks for reading!

  3. Greg OIF2

    I will look forward to that.

    Stay safe

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