PROMIS: Rhodesia, now .99 cents!


Buy it on Amazon for .99 cents!

In addition to my novels and non-fiction work I also write a historical fiction series called PROMIS.  The books are about a MACV-SOG veteran who becomes a mercenary and takes the reader through little known conflicts and operations that actually happened in the 1980’s.  Public perception is that Grenada and Panama happened in the 80’s and not much else so there is plenty of fertile material for someone like me to work with that has not been done to death in this genre.  The first is the series is PROMIS: Vietnam about the protagonist, Sean Deckard, fighting with SOG in the Vietnam War.  The sequel is novella length and takes Sean Deckard to the Rhodesian SAS during the height of the bush war.  Since I first released the novella it has sold very well, especially with UK readers, but I have gone ahead and lowered the price to .99 cents like the first PROMIS installment in hopes of grabbing up some new readers!  If you enjoy it, remember that #3 in the series, PROMIS: South Africa is also available.


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4 responses to “PROMIS: Rhodesia, now .99 cents!

  1. John

    Promis #4?? I know you are just not busy at all these days……


    • I know, I know… It is a toss up, do I work on the next novel or on the next PROMIS installment? I takes a long time to write historical fiction and these works are not nearly as popular at the contemporary set novels. I’ll keep writing them because I love doing it but I have to make a decision here…

      • John

        Man – you got such a huge future ahead there is no need to rush things…SOFREP is certainly my daily addiction. ReflexiveFire is my desert.

        I was just pimping ya! I look forward to whatever is next.

  2. Forget what John’s saying…I WANT PROMIS 4! But I understand that things are blowing up, and you can only do so much. But as I’ve said before, I think Promis 2 may be my favorite in the series, and one of my favorite short stories ever. Keep it up!

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