Interview with Columbia Political Review


Jack Murphy, a political science major in the Columbia University School of General Studies, served for eight years in the United States Army before coming to Morningside Heights. He is managing editor of, a special operations news and information site. His new book, Benghazi: The Definitive Report, co-authored with former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, is among the first accounts of the September 11, 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which led to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. CPR Managing Editor Taylor Thompson sat down with Mr. Murphy to discuss the book, the consulate attack in Benghazi, its implications for American counterterrorism policy, and some surprising ties between Libya and the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus as Director of the CIA.

Taylor Thompson: Why did you decide to write about the attack in Benghazi?

Jack Murphy: A couple of different reasons. I run a website with a friend of mine, a former Navy SEAL named Brandon Webb. We started this site up about a year ago, and we cover special operations and the intelligence community, so we write about this kind of thing to begin with. In addition to that, he and I both knew one of the people who were killed in Benghazi, Glen Doherty.

And then in addition to that, we saw how distorted the story was getting in the media, and how politicized it had become. We had the opportunity, through the people we know and the contacts we have to shed some light on it, and put the truth out there.

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  1. John

    Great interview…but where the heck did they get that painting…

  2. Rob

    Nice painting. Will that be available as a T-shirt? Lol.

    Good interview.

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