The Activity Comic Book w/ Nathan Edmondson for ABC News

PHOTO: The graphic novel "The Activity" tells fictional stories based on a very real secret Army intelligence unit.

In a dark corner of American special operations there exists, alongside the Army’s Delta Force and the Navy’s Osama bin Laden-killing SEAL Team Six, a small unit of Army spies known as the Intelligence Support Activity.

Created more than 30 years ago, the ISA has had its hand in almost every high-profile American special operation around the world in recent history, and countless others, according to published reports and special operations veterans with firsthand knowledge of the group.

And though relatively little is known about the secret unit — the military still refuses to acknowledge its existence — a new, colorful picture of the group has emerged through, of all things, a comic book.

In the panels of the comic “The Activity,” writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Mitch Gerads create a cell-shaded version of the ISA’s world in which the plot is fictional, but much of the rest rings true, even to those few familiar with the comic’s real-life counterpart.

One former member of the special operations community, who requested anonymity to speak about the ISA, told ABC News that while the comic clearly condenses intelligence-gathering timelines and significantly expands the ISA’s duties for the sake of dramatic story telling, he was surprised at its overall accuracy.

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6 responses to “The Activity Comic Book w/ Nathan Edmondson for ABC News

  1. John

    Yep – crushing it yet again. Flat out some of the coolest comics I have ever read. Got them all electronically and most in hard copy…

    • Looking forward to many more issues! I love reading it every month which is why I keep promoting it. I just wish I had more time to read all the cool comics I see on the stands each month.

      • John

        Oh yeah! Walking through TimeWarp comics in Boulder is like being a kid in a candy store. Some great stuff is out there for certain.
        I have kept my old double size Star Wars comics in my stash from the early 80’s though. Amazing how the graphics have progressed.

      • The digital color changed everything for comics. I still have my comic stash from when I was a kid as well.

  2. JHR

    I am SO PROUD of this Comic and the guys behind it. Unfortuneately, a few of mine were borrowed and not returned:-) if you buy these, do not lend them out cause you will NEVER get them back! Awesome Job. And Nathan, Time to interject a female character?:-)

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