Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, Benghazi: Six Months of Deceit


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7 responses to “Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, Benghazi: Six Months of Deceit

  1. Denise

    Need to know about radio comm reach on Benghazi. We had two destroyers off the coast of Tripoli at the time. OPSEC and COMSEC applies for any response. Thanks

  2. John

    Jack – very good interview. You seemed to be chomping at the bit the whole time….this whole thing is poised to go off like a political time-bomb.

    I noticed that in the next segment Gary Berntsen looked to be supporting your data as well (very strong voice there…). Did you guys get a chance to chat with him as well?

    Keep up the great work.

    • I talked to be him briefly, I didn’t know what Gary’s take was on Benghazi, I will have to go back and find his clip as well.

      • John

        It is worth the watch – he was chomping at the bit to talk as well. Since he is like you guys he is not get much voice time it seems like the ‘ol pundits….really poked at “illegal ops” as reason for covering up. Sound familiar?

        He would be a great interview for SOFREP as well. Since my contact in that time frame and locale is real shy to talk might as well get the “Jawbreaker.”

      • I’m sure it would be fascinating…I will have to try to get some contact info for him.

  3. You were born to give interviews, Jack. You come off knowledgeable, credible and prepared. Maybe it’s the face armor…

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