Part Two of My Epic Rant About Women in Combat

Some of the more adorable criticism that part 1 of this article received was that I need to do some growing up.  That is cute and condescending all at the same time.  The thing is, I grew up in the Special Operations community during a time of war.  Like many others in Army Special Operations, I carried a ruck on my back, jumped out of airplanes with a recoiless rifle strapped to my side, walked up the side of mountains in full kit, stomped around Mosul in the summer with my uniform completely soaked through with sweat, and all that jazz.  On a few missions we even had female soldiers with us.  The idea that they are going to carry what I carried and do what I did just makes me laugh inside.  Enjoy that shit, we’ll see how long that lasts before this social experiment is completely discredited.


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8 responses to “Part Two of My Epic Rant About Women in Combat

  1. Good intentions are no excuse for weakening our military strength. We should be trying to relieve combat stress…not adding to it. I am a woman. I will do all that I can to keep my country strong and safe. And what I can do, is stay the hell out of positions that will weaken rather than strengthen a unit’s fighting capabilities. It may not be PC…but it is Real Life. Thank you for your input and honesty.

  2. I don’t think anyone will ever accuse you of holding back… : )

  3. First Sergeant

    I can certainly understand the resistance against women in combat.The Israelis tried it but the Israeli public fought hard against it. Perhaps because of the social consciousness of men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men in a society where right is wrong and wrong is right. If men would step up to the plate and ‘act like men’ maybe the sissy leaders we have would take notice. When you have a WH that says the things they say, it’s no wonder that we hae confusion beyond measure and the mess is dumped inthe NCO’s lap to fix.

    • The Israeli experiment with women in the Infantry is considered a failure. I’m told that they put women on border patrol on the Egyptian border and when they came under fire the female soldiers hid and would not return fire.

      • First Sergeant

        Sir..You’re absolutely right. Both tours when I was in Irag as well as at the embassy in Israel, the reason why the Israeli Govt decided to allow womem in combat was because of the war-climate in Israel at the Gaza. It would appear that it was indeed an abysmal failure of protocol and Israeli policy. America is ‘experimenting’ with it because of an all-out liberal policy from the WH. Like most things in America, once soldiers and war become not the ‘hip thing’ to do, socially, it will fade away. I agree with you in principle. At the infantry school at Ft.Benning, two(2) women requested infantry and tried out. They both failed within a week of indoctrination. I should know, I saw it first-hand.

      • Sadly, a lot of this falls on deaf ears!

  4. Rob

    You can always count on Jack to shoot from the hip and call it as he sees it. No sugar-coating here, just a straightforward, honest opinion (no matter how many people it pisses off).

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