Benghazi 2.0

101 Reviews at 5 1/2 stars on Amazon and hit the New York Times Bestsellers List.  Clearly people are hungry for this information.  However, there have been some valid critiques of the ebook I co-authored with Brandon Webb.  I’ve wrapped up version 2.0 of the book which includes a few updates, some clarifications, and footnotes.  Thanks to everyone for reading the book and I apologize for not doing it 100% right the first time.  I’m proud of the book but it could have been better in a few areas, which we are working to improve now.  benghazi

Benghazi: The Definitive Report


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4 responses to “Benghazi 2.0

  1. If we had version 1.0, will it update to 2.0?

    • No, I think the best way to do it is return the copy you have to Amazon (easy to do by filling out a short form) and then use your refund to by the updated edition. There will be nothing mind blowing in the second version but for those who appreciate the footnotes it will be much improved. Also, I edited and clarified a few things such as the name of Al-Suri who was being targeted in Libya…

  2. John

    Very good news. Will we get a whole new version or will we get an upgrade of our current edition?

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