New Samruk International Art

From the cover artist of Reflexive Fire and Target Deck comes a new piece of art depicting the goings on of Deckard’s Private Military Company, Samruk International.  Well done Marc!  Check out the rest of Marc’s art here.



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14 responses to “New Samruk International Art

  1. John

    Dude – that is seriously cool.

    Well done Marc!

    And yes, it now resides on my phone…..

  2. Josh

    so are you working on the next promis series book?

  3. Rob

    Damn, that’s a great illustration. Love the detail, especially the face and the cut/scar beneath his eye.

    The tag on his chest,….”That Guy”,….story behind that or just the artist’s creativity?

    Is that a possible cover for the next Deckard novel? If not, it would make a bad-ass poster or t-shirt. Is that pic available for purchase from Marc Lee’s website? I’ll have to check it out.

    • I’ll have to ask him about doing some posters!

      • Rob

        I just checked out Mr. Lee’s website. Some seriously nice artwork on display there. Nice military illustrations. In particular, I liked the one featuring Little Bird choppers coming in to offload operators.

        And I think I got the “That Guy” tag on the Samruk picture. Could it be a tip-of-the-hat to dialogue from DIE HARD 4? When McClane explains that he’s risking his life and taking on an overwhelming force of bad guys because if he doesn’t do it, who will,….and his sidekick replies, “That’s what makes you that guy”.

        Also, Mr. Lee has a couple of pics of nicely drawn hot women on his webpage,….so maybe consider throwing a scantily clad hot chick on the cover of the next Deckard novel,… know, saving the damsel in distress type of thing,…Deckard, geared up and gun in hand, rescuing some gorgeous kidnap victim. Just a thought. Lol.

  4. Great artwork. The lighting effect really sets it off. Gives that same gritty, claustrophobic, unseen danger feeling of Aliens. I don’t even know the story, but would read it in a heartbeat based on this art. Well done.

  5. kyle

    Great looking work! what are the chances of getting a Samruk Intl. patch?

  6. Okay guys, I can take a hint! I’m finding out about having a Samruk International patch made.

    • Rob

      Samruk patch, baseball cap, t-shirt,…any or all merchandise tie-ins to Deckard/Samruk would be damn cool.

  7. Matt

    Marc’s 3 for 3 – good choice!

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