Benghazi Hits the New York Times Bestseller List



28/Feb/2013 · 03:17

11 responses to “Benghazi Hits the New York Times Bestseller List

  1. Mark Fields

    Great News!! Congrats to you Jack and Brandon!
    All the Best!

    Mark Fields – NYC

  2. Wow, Jack. Huge congrats!!! At the rate you’re going, you won’t even be answering my emails before long! : )

    • I’ve been busy but still try to stay as engaged as I can! The media for this book is starting to wind down though.

      • Yeah, I’ve been stalking from afar! It’s still just almost unbelievable as I’ve seen you popping up in these super major places.

        Fucking insane, man, and you deserve every bit of it!

        Out of curiosity — since I don’t have a major book contract like you — what’s the shelf-life on a book like this in bookstores? Is it a year or six months? Or even like two or three years?

      • No idea, its ebook only!

      • Oh, gotcha. Wow. Then that’s even more impressive with how much media attn it’s getting. Again, man, congrats, and don’t bother responding.

        Try to get caught up and handle your business. I’ll be in over-watch position, ready to whack anyone’s ass who needs it.

  3. Julia Hugo Rachel

    We are so proud of you and this publication. Way To Go!


  4. Rob

    Congrats on the book’s success.

    Did you ever think back in the day when you were posting Deckard stories on the website that you’d one day have your name on a New York Times bestseller list!

  5. John

    Very well deserved JM. I look forward to many more of these…

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