Sean Hannity Tonight

Me and Brandon will be on Sean Hannity’s show tonight to talk about Benghazi!


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5 responses to “Sean Hannity Tonight

  1. sunbeam43

    I’ll be watching for sure! Also, bought your ebook!

  2. Denise

    Be prepared as the Andrew McCarthy critique of your book may come up.

  3. Rob

    Any plans to be on CNN? I’d like to see you guys do Anderson Cooper’s show. But stay away from Piers Morgan. He seems like a douche.

  4. Debra Meyers

    WOW… “Me & Brandon”…like chafing styrofoam!

    Your appearance with Brandon Webb, on Hannity, caused me to seek your website. Your collaborative investigation of Benghazi is fascinating. I look forward to reading your book on this subject, i.e., if the grammar is correct. 😉

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