Sabah/Malaysia/Filippino/Abu Sayaaf/Military Stand Off


Two weeks ago the MNLF, one of the Muslim groups, kicked off a major offensive against the Abu Sayaaf group, another Muslim organization/terrorist group in Sulu.  It seems that Abu Sayaaf got pushed right to the waterline on the coast and without anywhere else to go they hopped on a boat to the Sabah region of Malaysia.   For those who have been keeping score, these groups are completely different than the others I’ve written about previously such as the Ampatuans and BIFF which is Kato‘s Islamic faction that broke away from the MILF…which in turn had broken away from the MNLF.  Confused yet?


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4 responses to “Sabah/Malaysia/Filippino/Abu Sayaaf/Military Stand Off

  1. Hey if you ever come across any articles in Malay and need help translating, I’d gladly help (I’m from M’sia). I frequent SOFREP and sometimes this blog. Loved Target Deck btw. Keep those novels coming!

    • I’m glad you liked the book! Should Samruk International visit Malaysia anytime soon? Because of some of the comments (maybe yours) on our SOFREP facebook page and the main site I am beginning to think I need to focus more attention on Malaysia.

  2. That’d be cool if Samruk International went to Malaysia! If I remember correctly, Samruk bought a few trucks from a trade show in Kuala Lumpur in Reflexive Fire…

    It’d be an interesting scenario/story if a PMC operated in Malaysia… south Thailand problems, Sabah problems. The dynamics of any operation would be interesting with the local military/police, division amongst the populace, etc.

    I have not lived in Malaysia for almost 20 years, but I still believe I’m still quite in tune with what’s going on, or at least, how the different people feel about/perceive politics, terrorism, etc. So if you’d like any input/opinions if you’re working on anything on that region, I’d be glad to help!

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