Crye Precision Party at SHOT 2013


I have to say, the highlight of SHOT 2013 was the Crye Precision party.  This year it had a Roman Empire/Ben Hur type theme where we all got issued togas on the way in.  Then came the chariot races…  The proletariat was issued with vegetables to throw at the racers as they shot by.  It was hard to get some distance with the bananas but I saw one driver get pegged right in the junk with an orange…ouch.

Beyond that, it was great to spend some time with some friends like Jack Silkstone, Brandon Webb, Peter Nealen, and David Reeder.

Hope to see you there next year!


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2 responses to “Crye Precision Party at SHOT 2013

  1. Rob

    All hail Murphius Caesar!

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