Coming Soon: Benghazi E-Book by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb


Coming in early February is my non-fiction ebook which I co-wrote with Brandon Webb.  If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting on SOFREP as much as usual, it is because of this project.  I spent months on this ebook.  I sifted through the stacks in the basements of Columbia, read through diplomatic cables that came out via Wikileaks, combed through white papers, and went back and researched relevant books to get the most complete picture on Benghazi and Libya.  Beyond that, I consulted with numerous sources on Benghazi who helped flesh out the big picture and what really happened that day.

It was a long, uphill battle in which many of my own assumptions about the attack on the US Consulate and the death of four Americans was called into question.  One of the deceased was in fact best friends with Brandon Webb and an acquaintance of mine.  For this reason alone, we felt compelled to get the most complete story.  Yes, the media lied to you, but maybe not in the ways that you think.

Brandon and I are both proud of this book and will be doing some press for it upon release.  Because this book questions assumptions and even includes on the ground accounts of what happened that night there will be a lot of controversy.  I know what kind of heat is coming.  When people have been caught up in a scam their natural reaction when that scam is revealed is to withdraw even deeper into the fraud.  It is a protective measure, no one wants to admit that they were wrong.

As I wrote in the prologue of the book, let the chips fall where they may.

Now available for pre-order.


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15 responses to “Coming Soon: Benghazi E-Book by Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb

  1. John

    I look forward to this one.

    You realize you are embarrasing the faculty at Columbia by the quantity of relevant works you are publishing?

    I imagine I will be challenged.

    • I think it is more likely that I’m pissing off the kids spending 200k to get a degree in screenplay or creative writing…

      • John

        So true – but hot damn your stuff is relevant and you have a nice little knife to twist in the gut of an elitist if they should ever cross you when you are feeling a little bit squirrelly….

        About how much stuff did you have to comb through to get where you are now on this subject?

      • Dude, you have no idea. I’m surprised that I was able to dig as deep as I did. There is some shady shit going on in Libya.

      • John

        No doubt…Think about where Libya fits into the history of the USA. The Barbary pirates through the Berlin nightclub bombing and beyond. And with Billy Waughs stuff to add in combined with the fight against the AfrikaCorps in 1940-1943 you got a tiger by the tail. May be more important than anyplace else we have been.

      • All that is in the ebook. Benghazi comes up again and again in American history.

  2. Abe-Death From Above

    Can’t wait for the release…Just pre-ordered through Amazon. Hope all is well. Abe

      • Abe-Death From Above

        It is already #3 in Terrorism and #3 in Intelligence & Espionage in the Kindle Store!! That is fantastic and shows the timing is perfect and the public really does want to know how the hell this was allowed to happen.
        Keep up the great work!!

  3. Mark Fields

    Any upcoming Book Signing scheduled here in nyC?

  4. Amanda Gruidl

    I have pre-ordered a copy. Looking forward to reading this. I do want to know the truth. It really bugs me how this has been brushed under the carpet. How they think 4 lives don’t matter. I get so tired of what the mainstream media puts out that I went to watching Fox news, but know they can still not give all the right info. But feel it is a little more truthful than the mainstream media. I do feel that no matter what the buck stops with the President, no matter how much he knew, didn’t know, involvement or not, he is in charge. (my opinion only)
    I look forward to reading it and finding out what actually happened.
    Thank you!

    • Its true, the President is ultimately responsible and needs to get his house in order. There is a bigger picture of course that stretches from one administration to the next, so there needs to be some broader reforms as well.

      • Amanda Gruidl

        Ok, soooo…..this wasn’t just the current administration? It stems into previous admins? Interesting. I am really looking forward to reading the book. What a tangle web we weave, Wow……..Thank you

      • Very much so. It is the same fun and games from one administration to the next. The defense establishment is a bureaucracy unto itself and is more powerful than any one president.

  5. Amanda Gruidl

    Thank you. Can’t wait to read the book.
    Also, Thank you to guys like yourself, Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell, Brandon Webb for writing books giving us a glimpse into the special forces coummunity and showing us what has been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past years. I feel like through these books I have gotten more truth of what is happening, the good we have been doing. What our troops are up against over there. Again, the media doesn’t give us the truth of what is happening over there most of the time. It is nice to read these books. I appreciate all that our military does for us.

    Thank you for your service and good luck in getting your degree.

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